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Banquet spiced with Trivia

By Staff | Jun 3, 2014

Participants in the trivia portion of the HHS Alumni Banquet were front (l-r): Larry Wilkie, Paul Shaner, Leona Poust, Eleanor Blackwell, Judity Egly. (Rear): Josh Fry, Melanie Santo, Allison Russell, Michelle Mostowy, Terry Nickles, Chris Foresman, Jane Kline and Linda Steimling.

HUGHESVILLE – A game of ‘Trivial Pursuit’ caused alumni to feel as though they’d traveled back in time to those ‘good old school days.’ The new twist to the program was tested on 195 guests attending the 78th annual Alumni Banquet hosted by the Hughesville High School Alumni Association.

Questions were a mix of past and recent happenings within the East Lycoming School District. Only twice were the teams stumped with questions then given to the audience.

Each reunion class nominated a representative forming three teams with four contestants. Those up to and including the class of 1955 were named the ‘Oldies’ and included Larry Wilkie, Paul Shaner, Leona Poust, and Eleanor Blackwell.

The ‘Middies’ were a team from the class of 1965 and forward to the present with Terry Nickles, Chris Foresman, Jane Kline and Linda Steimling.

Officers from the current class of 2014 were dubbed the ‘Newbies’ who were Joshua Fry, Allison Russell, Melanie Santo and Michelle Mostoway.

Devan Zaludek, book award winner

Dressed in a black robe and with gavel in hand, Judge Judy presided over the contest. There was little cause to call for a decision from Judy Egly who was aided by timekeeper Ruth Poust and scorekeeper Paul McCoy.

The final scores were Audience – 2; Oldies – 3; Newbies – 8; and Midies – 14. Audience member, Maureen Swisher (’64), answered what was deemed the most difficult ‘fill-in-the-blanks’ question. “When the current high school was built, seventh and eighth grade students from several one-room schools were bussed to Hughesville. This began a secession of school closures. The newspapers coined a four-word phrase which the historical society later used on its tapestry of one-room schools. The phrase was “From (MANY) to (ONE).

In other matters, the Don Myers Memorial Alumni Book Award announced by H. William Boatman (’64) went to senior Devon Salada who will attend Shippensburg University.

Recognition of classes with a brief greeting from each included Anna Lucille Poust Appleman (’39); Eleanor Poust Blackwell (’44); Judy Myers Michael (’54); Lynn Robbins (’59); David Reese (’64); Chris Odell Foresman (’69); Lyndda Heise Steimling (’79); Terry Nickles (’89); Stephanie Phillips Taggart (’94); and Christi Oden Babb (’99).

The evening opened with an invocation by Myron Smith, (’43) and concluded with the singing of the Alma Mater led by vocalist Thomas Smith (’69) accompanied on the piano by Mr. James R. Ritter.

Those interested on serving on the alumni committee are invited to meet on Sunday, Feb 1, 2015 at 2 p.m. at the East Lycoming Historical Society museum on South Main Street, Hughesville.