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Alumni Reunited Once Again

By Staff | Jun 20, 2014

Eugene Pauling, who graduated with the class of 1939 and is celebrating his 75th reunion, is standing with his son, Thomas Pauling, who graduated with the class of 1964, and who is celebrating his 50th reunion.

MONTGOMERY – The atmosphere was filled with memories and nostalgia at the Clinton Township Fire Hall in Montgomery on June 14, 2014. That night, alumni from Montgomery High School reunited once again for a graceful dinner, a musical performance by the Montgomery High School Jazz Band, and a presentation of awards to graduating seniors. Classes from 1939 to 2014 returned to their memories of high school with opening arms and brightening smiles.

Carl Jarrett, the oldest alumnus present, joined with his close friend, Eugene Pauling; both graduated with the class of 1939. To celebrate their 75th reunion, a remarkable mile stone that Montgomery is truly proud to embrace, their eyes lightened as their memories rushed to the past. Their conversations travelled within the past, present, and future, and along with them, their sons, Michael Jarrett and Thomas Pauling, who graduated with the 1964 class, celebrated their 50th reunion. As the two close families came together again, their faces lit up as they walked along memory lane.

Coming all the way from Wyoming, Paula McCormick was the alumnus to travel the farthest distance. In this, she proved that Montgomery High School is special not only to the graduating seniors of 2014, but to all of the graduated classes throughout its history.

Four seniors received four special scholarships during the reunion. Kaitlyn Hipple, Rebeka Showers, and Hannah Umpstead received the Alumni Scholarships, and Makiah Barnhart received the Margaret Stolz Scholarship. “It is an honor to receive this award,” said Rebeka Showers smiling as she received the envelope. “I really do hope to come back to Montgomery someday.”

“Graduating is very bittersweet,” said Hannah Umpstead as she recalled hoping to see her friends again someday soon.

The Montgomery High School Class of 1974 enjoyed some gathering time at Four Friends Winery Saturday afternoon in Montgomery. Many brought yearbooks and photos to share.

Before ending the reunion, the entire room stood up, and sang the Alma Mater. Voices of many ages joined in as every person nostalgically sang their praise to the high school once more. The voices blended into one single voice. Every person within the large room was ecstatically connected by one special thing: Montgomery High School. As their notes rose toward the ceiling, as did their spirits for the first time in a long time, they were back where their journeys of life truly began.