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Rounds fired in tribute of Civil War Veterans

By Staff | Jun 24, 2014

RUTH FRY/The Luminary At Old Lairdsville Cemetery,(l-r) reinactors Wagne Sager, James Faus and Bruce Petro positioned rifles fired in tribute to Civil War soldiers there. Faus claims veterans and brothers Benjamin and Charles Houseknecht as his uncles several generations removed.

LAIRDSVILLE – As much as threatening war clouds hovered over the nation 150 years ago, dark rain clouds skirted Old Lairdsville Cemetery on Monday June 16 where more than 120 individuals gathered to pay tribute to Civil War soldiers interred there.

Led by Wayne Sager of Muncy, a squad fired three volley rounds. Also sending flickers of fire and smoking discharges into the air were James Faus and Bruce Petro of Columbia County. The five reinactors included 12-year-old violinist Chase Petro, whose musical bow drew soulful sounds of the tune “A Soldier’s Lament.” Chaplain McCormick was portrayed by the Rev. John Lee who gave the invocation.

Representing Cub Scout Pack 80 of Hughesville, Derek Whipple and James Kershner carried the colors and led the pledge. In honor of flag day, Betsy Ross and George Washington were portrayed by Joan Fenstermaker and Brianna Hill of Laiirdsville. The colonial couple pantomimed the words to “How Betsy Made the Flag” sung by the Hughesville Civic Choir.

Directed by Nancy Hodge, the 20-voice choir also sang “Battle Hymn of the Republic.” Written during the Civil War, the hymn has become a standard of the group at this sixth out of seven events sponsored by the East Lycoming Historical Society (ELHS).

This series of Civil War tributes culminates next year in a service tentatively set for the third Monday in June 2015 in the Lutheran Cemetery at Moreland Community Church. Relatives of soldiers interred there are urged to contact East Lycoming Historical Society to be a part of that service.

RUTH FRY/The Lumiinary Two eras met when Revolution and Civil War times were entwined in a tribute service at Old Lairdsville Cemetery. Brianna Hill of Lairdsville looked on as violinist Chase Petro played for a crowd of 120 during a program by the East Lycoming Historical Society.

Those members of the Grand Army of the Republic included: Martin V. Bartlow; Philip, Thomas and William Confer; Martin Conrad; George Laurenson; Charles Lowe; D. F., Daniel and Frederick Hill; Daniel Milheim; Wm F. Poust; John H. Smith; Alex Warn and Jackson Weaver.

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RUTH FRY/The Luminary Participants in a tribute to Civil War soldiers at Lairdsville included (kneeling left to right): Derek Whipple and James Kershner. (Seated): William Poust, Alainya Sherwood, Taylor Hill, Thomas Smith and Lloyd Mordan. (Standiing): Joan Fenstermaker, Brianna Hill, Zachery Poust, Gladys Houseknecht, Sharon Snyder, Ruth DeLong, Rosalie Worthington, Jacob Roberts Shirley Brown and violinist Chase Petro. (Rear): The Rev. John Lee, Wayne Sager, James Faus, Bruce Petro and bagpiper Chris Dolan.