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Pennsdale welcomes newly assigned Pastor

By Staff | Sep 2, 2014

CAROL SHETLER/The Luminary Pastor Kevin St Martin, recently assigned minister at the United Methodist Charges at Huntersville and Pennsdale, at his office at Pennsdale's Trinity UM Church.

PENNSDALE – “Bringing love, hope, meaning and worth as Christ directs – these are the basic needs of all human beings. If we’re missing this, our lives are out of balance,” said Pastor Kevin St Martin who was recently appointed as pastor to the United Methodist Churches at Pennsdale and Huntersville.

The pastor’s response when asked what he sees ahead for the churches was “To help the congregation find what God wants them to do.”

St Martin referenced Matthew, 13: 31-32, the parable of the mustard seed where faith is likened to the kingdom of heaven, the smallest of seeds which become a tree providing a place of rest. Grown not to provide seed, nor for self, but for the kingdom of God. “Faith and action are the basis of the United Methodist Church, not the end but the beginning, a Wesleyan theology,” he said.

The newly assigned leader moved with family from New England to Wilkes-Barre at age two. Following high school, he entered and graduated from Wilkes College with a BS degree in Chemistry. Moving on to Penn State’s main campus, he proceeded with graduate work in the field of organic synthesis.

Before moving to State College, St Martin had been Episcopalian, but chose to attend St. Paul’s Methodist Church as it was more accessible to campus. There the future pastor took advantage of Bible studies and recalled an elder woman from the congregation saying, “You should be a priest.”

During his three and a half years in State College he felt he’d chosen the right career, so much so he felt safe in praying, “Take my life and use it for what you what.” St Martin’s first response after realizing he was being called to the ministry was not “Oh goodie, it was I need a little guidance here and sought consul from those I trusted,” he said. Eventually he was off to Evanston, Illinois and Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary earning a Master of Divinity degree.

St Martin returned to the State College area where for eleven years he served two rural churches, then to Harrisburg for five years to an inter-city church experiencing a very different culture.

During this time he commuted to Wilkes University and College Misiracordia teaching Chemistry on a part-time basis. After taking a year to refresh and seek direction, he accepted this recent appointment.

In the church newsletter, the pastor introduced himself and awaits invitations to meet with small group gatherings of congregation members in an effort to better know them. Those seeking a church home are always invited to attend any service at either site, Pennsdale Trinity United Methodist or at Huntersville.