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Arriving pastor welcomed at Clarkstown

By Staff | Sep 10, 2014

Pastor Connie Waugh (center) recently appointed to the Clarkstown United Methodist Church, is welcomed by Kathy Myers (left) Administrative Council Chair, and Tammy Kriner, who for more than a decade provides the "Children's Moment" portion of the worship service.

“Prior to 1994 when called into the ministry, I’d always been active in the church,” said Pastor Connie Waugh, recent appointee to the Clarkstown United Methodist Charge. The Canton native had been a certified lay speaker serving five churches in the Ralston area.

Originally a member of the Church of Christ (Deciples) at Marsh Hill, a fire in their home necessitated a move where an outpouring of help from the congregation of the Methodist Church close to where they relocated, became her family’s home church.

The call to full-time ministry did not come at a more opportune time. Her husband was recovering from a work related accident, her Alzheimer afflicted father resided with them, while at the same time she was aiding her mother who remained living in her home.

“I was attending a Lenten service when I literally thought someone tapped me on the back of the head. I turned around to discover no one had done so; it was God calling me to full time service,” the pastor said.

With her two-year degree in business from the former Williamsport Area Community College, Waugh entered the mentor process offered by Wesley Seminary in Washington, DC. Following ordination, her first assignment was serving the Warrensville-Heilman Methodist Churches from 1999 until retirement.

Meanwhile in 2000, a traffic accident on Route 87 took her husband’s life. She remained in their family home along the Loyalsock Creek, and after retirement downsized and relocated to Muncy Creek Township.

The move brought Waugh into close proximity to the Clarkstown Church, which at the time, she had no idea she would be sought out to lead another congregation, this time on a part-time basis.

The pastor’s goal for the Clarkstown congregation is “To learn all that God created them to be, both individually and as a church.”

The pastor’s family consists of two daughters, four granddaughters and two great-grandsons.