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Muncy Bank instills a new tradition with decorator’s choice award

By Staff | Dec 24, 2014

Standing in front of Steve Naylor’s winning decorated window with the most votes raising money for the Son-Light House at Muncy Bank & Trust are (left to right): Brenda Bitler, Karen Brandis, Kim Feigles, Kirsten Minier, Nikki Stepp and Jane Miller.

MUNCY – Customers of Muncy Bank & Trust couldn’t help but take a second look at the windows inside the main building on Main Street in Muncy, also at the Hughesville branch, Clarkstown and in Montoursville. For this year, twenty one windows were artfully decorated and inspired by a competitive contest to see who could be the proud winner of the 2nd annual window decorating contest.

Proceeds came from a donation of twenty five cents per window from employees and customers as to their favorite choice, and votes were tallied last Friday afternoon.

“We were so happy to be able to hold this contest to benefit the Son Light House,” said Karen J. Brandis, PHR Corporate Secretary and Human Resources Manager.

Steve Naylor was the coveted winner with a total of 123 votes, Kirstin Minier came in second with 86, and the Hughesville office collected the most votes for third place.

Tickets were collected inside the lobby for customers to drop ballots into the corresponding number they liked best.There were a total of 805 votes cast and over two hundred dollars were raised by the participants in just ten days according to Brandis.

Steve Naylor designed this window at Muncy Bank & Trust which won the most votes for People's Choice.

The contest started December 8 and was open to all branches and employees of Muncy Bank & Trust.

“The competition was fun, especially as the voting bags started filling up with the tickets,” Brandis added.

The windows, that were adorned with a variety of materials and embellishments from paint to textiles will remain decorated for viewing until the end of the month.