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Friends Church dedicates new building

By Staff | Jan 6, 2015

Friends Church in Hughesville celebrated their new addition. Left to right: Dan Cale, Lead Pastor; Dr. Wayne Evans, General Superintendent of EFC-ER Denomination; Jason Evans, and Regina Evans.

HUGHESVILLE On Sunday December 14, 2014 the Friends Church in Hughesville held a building dedication ceremony for their newly expanded fellowship hall, affectionately known as the “Fireside Room”. During the Sunday morning service, the congregation enjoyed the Friends Church Holiday Choir and received a message from the pulpit from guest speaker, Dr. Wayne Evans. Dr. Evans is the General Superintendent of the Evangelical Friends Church Eastern Region (EFC-ER) denomination, of which Friends Church of Hughesville is associated.

At the conclusion of the service, everyone was invited to a building dedication ceremony in the recently finished “Fireside Room”. The congregation watched a building slide show, ate a meal, and sang songs in the building which took five months to construct. Lead Pastor, Dan Cale, lead the people in a time of celebration and praise as parishioners were invited to share testimonies while at the Friends Church. He also surprised the congregation by explaining that he had placed notes of prayers for the community and favorite scriptures in the walls of the new building.

As Cale put it, “You are literally surrounded by your prayers and favorite scriptures within the walls of this new building!” He went on to explain that during a recent church service he had asked people to write down their favorite bible verses and prayers and leave them at the altar. He then collected over 100 of the notes and worked with the contractor to physically place them within the walls during construction.

The service continued with Pastor Cale asking for a donation to be collected for overseas missions through the EFC-ER denomination. Cale reminded the congregation that it would have been easy to collect money to help offset the cost of the building, but the collection for missions was a statement that reflects the core purpose of the building, to reach out to people spiritually.

In addition to Pastor Cale’s encouragement, Dr. Wayne Evans also spoke. Dr. Evans affirmed the local church and issued a challenge to the congregation to make sure that they don’t “sit back and relax” now that the project is finished. He reminded the people that it is good to celebrate the completion of a building project, but not to rest too long and to start the process of reaching out to their neighbors and “proclaiming Christ to the community.”

Friends Church has a variety of worship styles and opportunities, with Sunday morning services at 9:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. and a more intimate, casual worship experience Sunday evenings at 6:00 p.m. during the school year. For more information on the Friends Church contact 584-2686 or visit their website at www.hughesvillefriends.org.