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Taiko drumming lessons give cardio workout

By Staff | Jan 28, 2015

PHOTO BY BARB BARRETT/The Luminary Urie Kline from Muncy is demonstrating how Taiko drumming can be a good form of exercise.

MUNCY – Urie Kline will be having Taiko drumming classes every Tuesday night from 6 to 7 p.m. at 1462 John Brady Drive in Muncy Township. No musical experience is required to learn this technique which originated in Japan. Urie, who graduated from Muncy High School in 2008, learned the art form while living in Honolulu after he graduated from the University of Pittsburgh. He also played the drums at Muncy High School.

“It is an oral tradition,” he said. Kline also became a founding member of Taiko drumming school while he attended the University. “At the time it was really a hobby.” But his passion gave him a scholarship that took him to the Taiko Center of the Pacific in Hawaii right after college.

And now he is back in Muncy to teach others the skill. “It is basically a four beat rhythm,” explained Urie. “It is a whole body workout if done correctly.”

Music fitness is also beneficial for the mind and helps to keep it sharp with lots of practice according to Urie. “I think it makes you a happier and more relaxed person.”

Class time can be flexible. Drop ins are also welcome. There is no other class of its kind nearby, he described. The closest one is in Chester County, and Penn State has an ensemble where they do school shows. Kline said he can also do workshops and lecture demonstrations where half of the program is entertainment and the other half is educational, interpreting Taiko’s culture and background.

“For me it’s about enjoying and giving back. I want to give back to this community and its art form.” Urie can be reached at 570-772-5118.