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Muncy Historical Society announces plans for 2015

By Staff | Apr 22, 2015

Bonnie Ingram and Barbara Stiner, members of the Muncy Historical Society, are collecting signatures at the Thomas Taber Museum during the Gathering Janes Exhibit for a World War II replica quilt that will be on display in July at their annual quilt show in Muncy and their World War II exhibit during September at the mall.

MUNCY – On Sunday, April 12 the Muncy Historical Society held their annual membership meeting and proudly announced a year full of patriotic events and happenings that will draw in tourists and residents to these memorable experiences as related by executive director, Bill Poulton.

Before announcing plans for 2015, acknowledgment was given to the many volunteers who make everything come together for the museum and Poulton expressed there would be no organization without their continuous support.

Accomplishments for 2014 were also reviewed noting the reassembled packet canal boat now on display at the Muncy Heritage Park. “It got built in a muddy mess,” said Poulton, “but it was worth it. It came out really nice.” A new tow path was also built at the park and a new bridge added. The original one was built in 1832.

The Underground Railroad exhibit at the mall and the hanging of the barn quilts were also added. There are now 24 barn quilts which can be visited through a GPS tour marked on a new colorful brochure.

Over ten thousand dollars was raised through Raise the Region, with many in-kind donations added and a match from the board of directors according to Poulton.

Bill Corson from Muncy and member of the Muncy Historical Society points out the uniform worn by Pfc Jack Hitesman during World War II who was enlisted in the 45th Infantry Division, known as the "Thunderbird Division." This display will be part of a big exhibit at the Lycoming Mall in September.

A major event is scheduled for May 9 at the Lycoming Mall in the community room. Sue Reich, Connecticut-based quilt historian, independent quilt researcher, quiltmaker, and author will be presenting a program on quilts made between 1830 and 1945, during the World Wars. She will be setting up a large trunk show as she explains the history of these World War II quilts that contain excessive amounts of fabric. The women would come together to make quilts to commemorate military service, to raise funds for the war effort and to comfort refugees as well as celebrate victory.

Two presentations will be given, the first one at 10 a.m. and the second one at 1 p.m. Registration for this is available on the historical society’s website or call 546-5917.

World War II is the general theme this year, so many of the activities will evolve around that, much like the Civil War last year. The annual juried quilt show is expected to run on July 17 and 18 at Myers Elementary School with special World War II exhibits, quilting and weaving demonstrations from the “battlefield to the homefront.” Also featured will be vintage collections and some savings bonds and poster art.

The month of September will have a long exhibit on World War II which members started planning last year. Memorabilia and archives from the museum will be on display at the Lycoming Mall’s community room.

The museum will remain open on Mondays and Fridays for research and tours. The second floor made some changes by opening up some of the displays to allow more space for larger groups to move through the museum. More World War II items can be viewed here such as medals from local soldiers, war uniforms, nurses’ uniforms and many other local artifacts from the war.