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Muncy Valley Hospital hosts Repasz Band lawn concert

By Staff | Aug 26, 2015

Photo by CAROL SHETLER/The Luminary Resident concert goers at Muncy Valley Hospital were (seated left to right): Florence Neuhard, Martha Messerly, Louis Hartzel, (standing left to right): Euphonium musicians Deb Warren and Tawney Dietrick of the Repasz Band.

MUNCY – The second annual visit by the Repasz Band occurred Tuesday evening August 11 at Muncy Valley Hospital.

The lawn was dotted with both members of the community and residents of the Skilled Nursery Unit. In addition to those on the lawn, more than 25 residents sat lined against the building, all came to enjoy the concert.

Following the event, residents Florence Neuhard, Martha Messerly, and Louis Hartzel, shared which tunes were their personal favorites.

Accompanied by daughter Linda Snell, Neuhard of Hughesville said, “I like hymns,” some of which were part of the band’s diverse repertoire. Director Al Nacinovich introduced a segment of spirituals by saying, “A baseball player turned minister became well known by crossing the country and holding evangelistic meetings under a tent. His name was Billy Sunday.” The band then played several of Sunday’s songs including, “I Walk with the King,” and “Brighten the Corner Where You Are.”

Messerly of Montgomery said, “As I played the violin and piano, I like all music. In my day, it was common for many to play the piano.” One could say Martha was swinging with the beat, that is, she sat on a yard swing listening with daughter and great-granddaughter Becky and Amelia Rae Sanguedolce.

PHOTO BY BARB BARRETT/The Luminary On Tuesday evening during perfect weather, the well-known Repasz Band played outside in front of Muncy Valley Hospital for the public, residents, patients and guests. This is the second year they have performed there.

Rohrsburg native Louis Hartzel, who was clutching a tape recorder said, “I don’t know what I have, there was some traffic noise. My late wife (Ann Murray Yeagle) had given me a better recorder but I wore it out.”

Naming his favorites Hartzel said, “I liked the Tennessee salute by Jay Dawson. It contained the “Chattanooga Choo Choo”, and “The Wabash Cannon Ball.”

Over the years, Hartzel had attended many concerts including those by the Repasz Band and was recognized by band member Deb Warren of Watsontown. Warren, along with section member Tawny Dietrick of the Canton area, posed for a photo with the trio of residents.

The band concluded with the “Repasz Band March. Two arrangements can be found on the band’s latest CD. According to Nacinovich, “To learn which arrangement was most popular, we played both at a concert and had the audience vote. They chose the earliest arrangement by Harry J. Lincoln, which is closest to the original version. We’re just glad to have it in print so it can be played by bands across the country.”