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Long time resident given a day of proclamation

By Staff | Nov 19, 2015

On Tuesday, November 3, Montgomery mayor, Andy Onufrak presented Helen Kreppenneck in her home a day of proclamation for turning 100 years old.

MONTGOMERY – Helen Kreppenneck was quite surprised when the Mayor of Montgomery showed up at her house on Tuesday, November 3rd to offer her the day dedicated just for her.

Born on this day in 1915 Mayor Andy Onufrak said he became “obsessed” when he learned of her age and the year she was born from Leona DeWalt from the Montgomery Historical Society. Once he started to do some research on the happenings of that year, Onufrak said that it became amazing to him that someone has lived this long to experience so many things.

“I wanted to give Helen her very own day,” he said after discovering that it was the same year the New York Yankees first wore the now famous pin stripe uniforms, the year the Lusitania was sunk and America entered the First World War.

Living to see the world grow is almost unimaginable according to Onufrak. Going from telegraphs to cell phones, and from Ford Model T’s to hybrid cars is a century of news, memories and experiences for Helen. “I really wanted this for her,” he said and presented the official proclamation to the Montgomery Borough council at Tuesday’s meeting.

According to her daughter, Eileen Klemick, Helen was primarily a housewife but did work part time during the holidays at the “Montgomery shirt factory.” She has spent her entire life living in Montgomery and still remains in her home under the care of Eileen and her husband, Terry.

Growing up in Montgomery this is Helen when she was in her early 20's.

“She is still pretty much alert,” said Terry. “She likes to watch the Turner classics, and still has a good memory.”

She also delivered meals on wheels up until she was 87, delivering them to the homes in Montgomery and the surrounding area until she fell and broke her femur 10 years ago.

“She was always a helping hand on her block,” added the Klemicks. She loved to garden and spent much time outside gardening. “She was very independent and kindhearted,” they added.

“This is a birthday of birthdays,” said the mayor as he presented his day of proclamation to Helen. He told her how he compared some facts from 1905 and why she deserves such a day to herself in the Montgomery borough. To have lived to see so much is deserving and meaningful, he replied. “She is an encyclopedia. She makes me smile.”