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Conveyances and picnic garb change drastically since 1914

By Staff | Aug 23, 2016

MORELAND – Appearing a bit different than today was the transportation and clothing attire for attending picnics one hundred years ago. Both photographs, taken in 1914 in Moreland Township, are from the collection of the late Erma (Faus) Gardner, as shared by her daughter and Luminary subscriber Verna (Gardner) Hanscom of Honey Brook, Chester County, PA.

Transportation to the picnic at Faus Park gave opportunity for a family to show off their first car. Samuel and Phoebe (Lowe) Gardner are aboard with children Adda, Olive and Earl. Non-relative Harvey Oliver is seated in the rear. The occupants do not include the couple’s sons Harvey and Brady Gardner, the latter being Verna’s father. The brothers do, however, appear in the line-up of the adjoining photo.

The Young Men’s Sunday School Class of Moreland Baptist Church posed wearing jackets and ties. A saying from that era might have been, “They put on their best bib and tucker.”

(Seated from left): Donald Milheim, Charles Reece, Eugene Renn, Albert Frantz, George Nickles, Harvey Gardner, Darwin Houseknecht, Alfred Gardner, Frank Lowe and Lester Houseknecht.

(Standing from left): Frank Houseknecht, Ellis Margargle, Otis Faus, Charles Lyons, Torrance Poust, Lee Houseknecht, Lila (Mrs. Clyde) Reece, Teacher; Brady Gardner, Walter Poust, Ransom Lyons, Earl Houseknecht, Charley Stackhouse and Brady Houseknecht.