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Home based business keeps owner employed

By Staff | May 22, 2017

BARB BARRETT/The Luminary Sharon Gagliano, of Payroll Services in Hughesville, recently joined the Greater Hughesville Business Association after she moved to the area with her family and her home based business from Elmira, NY.

HUGHESVILLE – A ten year history and a client base of more than 75 different businesses keep owner, Sharon Gagliano of Payroll Services in her Hughesville borough home quite busy. Gagliano moved to the area from Elmira, NY in August of 2014 with her two sons and husband, Chris who took a job as program service manager for the Pennsylvania College of Technology.

Some days, she said, she is just home-bound and seldom gets out to see others. With several accounts to manage for payroll, Gagliano said she enjoys the flexibility working from home allows for her schedule. “I can go see my son’s baseball game, if I want, and still be able to do my work,” she said.

The family chose Hughesville to settle down, because they heard so many good things about the school district and wanted their kids to go to a smaller school. Her older son, Trevor, started in 11th grade and according to Gagliano, he was well accepted by peers and faculty and has met many friends. Since then, he has followed in his mother’s footsteps and started his own business, which is in landscaping. Her younger son started at 9th grade and said he enjoys playing sports at Hughesville High School.

Much of Gagliano’s work is computer based, mostly electronic working with payroll deposits and deductions. “I am a one staff operation,” she said. Gagliano purchased the existing company in 2007 and services a wide range of businesses from health care to liquor stores. “I have oral surgeons, dentists, an auto repair shop, farms, a funeral home and even a town,” she said.

She enjoys the freedom and the wide diversity of services with her clients said Gagliano who majored in accounting from Cayuga Community College. “Sometimes work keeps me busy from doing other things, like housework,” she said. There are weekly taxes and quarterlies, timely reports and creative solutions to accounting problems. Most of her correspondence is through the computer and everything has to be completed on time, so employees can get paid on time.

Gagliano and Payroll Services can be reached at 570-312-0415.