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ELYMCA instructors present Drums Alive at national convention & expo

By Staff | Jun 9, 2017

PHOTO SUBMITTED Center, Diana Logan, Drums Master Trainer and Instructor at the Eastern Lycoming Branch YMCA, with daughter Erica Logan, (left) Lifeskills teacher for the Intermediate Unit 17, and Amber Logan, Diana's daughter who has a diverse ability and is also a co-instructor for Drums Alive at the ELYMCA in Muncy Township. All 3 participated in the 2017 SHAPE America National Convention & Expo in Boston.

MUNCY – Using small buckets and water jugs as handheld drums, participants at the 2017 SHAPE America National Convention & Expo in Boston let loose to Justin Timberlake to kick off the event. The Expo is the premier professional development event for health and physical educators.

Local East Lycoming YMCA group exercise instructor, Diana Logan, and her two daughters, Erica and Amber, were invited to help present the Drums Alive program, which is a unique sensory motor drumming program that helps to improve lives, both physically and psychologically. The three of them helped present to over 100 participants in two separate sessions alongside the creator of Drums Alive, Carrie Ekins. The Logan family also worked in the exhibit booth, representing Drums Alive as Master Trainers.

Diana, a certified drums instructor since 2011, originally planned to teach it as a fitness class. She decided to try it in her SuperStars class at the ELYMCA in Muncy Township. According to Logan, It was meant for those with exceptionalities and diverse abilities, and it was a hit! Her class size tripled within 6 months!

“I consider myself as more of an ambassador for the (Drums Alive) program,” she explained. “We’re creating awareness and bringing Drums Alive to the community. The Y has been an integral part of the program. We couldn’t do everything we’re doing without the Y.”

Erica, a Lifeskills teacher for the Intermediate Unit 17, also became a Drums Alive instructor and has used it to create awareness within her classroom. Used as a physical education tool and for “brain breaks” it can help release stress.

Amber also became a certified Drums Alive instructor, but her story is a little different. She was born with a diverse ability and is now able to help others with diverse abilities realize that they too can become leaders. She helped at the Expo and also teaches a routine to Try Everything by Shakira in Diana’s SuperStars class.

“It was so endearing and inspiring to watch all of you dance, move, and groove with everyone. I was truly impressed when Amber came to the front and drummed along with the entire Master Trainer team without any reservation. It made me so happy,” said Drums Alive Creator, Carrie Ekins. “In addition, I loved how Erika was able to speak with such power, passion and wisdom to other teachers.”

For more information on the SuperStars Program please contact the Eastern Lycoming Branch YMCA at 570-546-8822. This is a free class that is offered to those with diverse abilities in our community. For more information on the Drums Alive program, visit their website at www.drums-alive.com.