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Come paint with Tina

By Staff | Feb 28, 2018

BARB BARRETT/The Luminary Tina Tickle of Montgomery has been offering painting classes every Tuesday night at the Riverside Lounge in Montgomery from 5-8 p.m. The public is invited to come and make a project to take home.

MONTGOMERY – Tina Tickle and the Riverside Lounge in Montgomery have a good thing going. They have paired up to offer painting classes, craft nights and just pure family fun. “With Tuesday nights being taco night, we thought this would be a good fit,” said Tickle who teaches the classes.

Every Tuesday night, she is there from 5 to 8 p.m. with a project for anyone to come and make.

Some of the offerings include painted slates, painted wine glasses, macrame hangers, floral wreaths, fairy gardens with miniatures, and painted landscapes.

The free lance artist and musician works up the project in advance and posts it on social media. Those who are interested can come and relax, get something to eat and drink while learning a new craft or getting back into the groove.

It’s a great way to spend time indoors during the winter months, and Tickle plans on keeping the classes going all year long. “We both have a working relationship,” said Tickle referring to the Sanguedolce family, owners of the Riverside Lounge and Campground. “It is a benefit for the campground.”

BARB BARRETT/The Luminary Kathie Harrison (far left) from Montgomery enjoys coming to the Riverside Lounge on Tuesday nights with friends for taco night and to paint with Tina.

The campsite is practically full with seasonal travelers or industry related workers who are here temporarily for a project. “I have met people from all over the country,” added Tickle who also owns a music store in downtown Montgomery with her husband, Larry.

Tickle started the painting classes last year before the holidays and the activity became a replacement for the free bingo at the Riverside. Ruby Sanguedolce said that bingo wasn’t bringing in a new crowd of people and Tina’s painting classes are bringing in new customers just about every week.

“It blends in well for the Lounge,” said Ruby. Her mother, Becky Sangeudolce said that now families and friends come together and everyone can make something to take with them. “One week we had 50 here and we were able to accommodate everyone. We even used the pool room,” said Becky. “This has been a popular activity. Tina always has great ideas.” The Lounge was remodeled with a new interior and exterior.

They said the younger children like to do things and make something to give for someone else. Kids also get a discount as there is a reasonable fee that is charged, often ranging between five and ten dollars. “Everyone goes home with a project. It gives them a sense of accomplishment.” And for a bonus, tacos are only $1.30 on Tuesday nights, making the night a “nice, low-budget activity.”

Tickle provides all of the materials, supplies, and instruction, often one-on-one. One doesn’t have to be an experienced artist to come to these classes. Tickle goes through each step carefully, and sometimes will schedule an additional class if enough members are interested.

The flowered wine glasses were popular two weeks ago, so last Saturday afternoon she presented the class again. “Sometimes on a Sunday we will have a DIY craft. I have a lot of stuff in the works for the summer, not just for the campers, but for the public.”

Some future projects for April will include bird houses and learning to paint native North American birds. She has painted some rocks to look like fairy houses and has more projects posted on Facebook. The artist said she has a large gallery of canvases with seasonal designs to choose from. “Sometimes I will just simplify one of my paintings to do,” and pointed to a simple landscape with a log cabin. She would also like to introduce ceramics in May, possibly Saturday mornings.

She plans the projects in advance and tries to keep herself on budget when purchasing materials.

Tickle, who graduated from Muncy High School in 1984, started as a commercial artist with a degree from Sun Technical School before advancing to graphic design at Penn College with a BS degree. Her passion for art began in grade school. “I would ask for art supplies all the time for Christmas.”

For her classes, she likes using acrylics as they are good for beginners. “I want to teach pastels in the near future” and she is getting a following of ladies who like to come each week. “They are improving and getting more skillful,” Tickle said. She gives them lots of encouragement while showing them different techniques.

“I learned a lot from Tina,” said Samantha Wheless from Watsontown. “I painted candleholders and coffee mugs, and learned how to apply a base coat. She does the how-to from start to finish, and makes everything very visual, even if you are not artistically inclined.”

Last year the artist worked with some of the women at the Muncy State Correctional Institute. Some of them were on pre-release and were able to come and help her repaint the lodge building at Montgomery Park. “It was a big community effort.”

Tickle also is instrurmental in the organizing of the Summer Alive program, Montgomery’s summer recreational program for kids. Last year she was the art director and this year she will be music director organizing activities and music lessons and teaching guitar. She can be reached at her studio in Montgomery by calling 570-547-6007.