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Fight the fire; become a doll

By Staff | Sep 12, 2018

BARB BARRETT/The Luminary Firehouse Dolls from Station 23 in Pennsdale are (L-R) Tiffany Gum and Kari Kratzer. They help earn extra funds by selling their all-female fire-fighter calendar.

MUNCY – Who are the Firehouse Dolls? These are a group of young female firefighters who have come together to produce a calendar to help raise money for their local fire departments. Local members Kari Kratzer and Tiffany Gum of Station House 23 in Pennsdale were on hand during their annual car show last month in Pennsdale to expose this year’s calendar for purchase. “We are able to sell more when we do trade shows,” said Gum who is a volunteer firefighter and a medical clinician.

The Firehouse Dolls who make it into the calendar come from all over the United States and Canada according to Kratzer who is a doll from the Muncy area. “We distribute the calendar and the money goes towards our fire station,” she said. Each year there is a new photo shoot and the “Firehouse Dolls” travel to various locations to sell the calendars on their own and make some extra cash.

“We do everything on the field a male would do,” Kratzer affirmed. “We are like one big family here and I met my fiance here,” she added.

Every year the Firehouse Dolls also pick a charity to donate proceeds to from their calendar sales. “We vote on it,” Gum said. “We love it when people ask for our autograph.”

Many of the Firehouse Dolls are firefighters, EMT’s, paramedics and dispatchers. “We’re like a paid volunteer,” said Gum who is one of the founders. Sometimes they are hired to perform duties such as representing larger fire companies in Pennsylvania to work events.

The organization was established about four years ago in to support various firefighter charities and they have now developed quite a fan club according to the local representatives.

To follow the Firehouse Dolls and see more behind the scenes of these popular female fire fighters, visit them on Facebook. The Dolls get to sell the calendars on their own and make some extra cash. Gum said applications to become a Firehouse Doll are on their website at www.firehousedolls.com.