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‘Here We Go Again’

By Staff | Dec 7, 2018

PHOTO PROVIDED The Front Porch Country Band just released their new song “Number 9 Mine” with a video tribute to the 78 coal miners who lost their lives in the West Virginia tragedy 50 years ago. Left to right: Johnny Jolin, Rick Buck, Richard & Alison Rupert, Joseph Paul Hauserman, and Kim Reichley.

LEWISBURG – USAgency Entertainment in Lewisburg just released a new song “Number 9 Mine” a remembrance and tribute to the 1968 West Virginia mining disaster. Owner Rick Gathman, a native of Williamsport, said he was inspired to write the song when he came across a documentary on the tragedy.

Although the incident happened 50 years ago, he felt the miners who lost their lives should be acknowledged for their service. A video with the song features “the haunting song of the same name.”

The song was recorded at Green Valley Recording Studio owned and operated by Richard and Alison Rupert in Penn Township just outside of Hughesville.

“The disaster occurred only 20 miles south of Pennsylvania. We’re close to our nearby mining communities. Coal mining remains dangerous work to this day, and it deserves the nation’s admiration and respect,” said Joseph Paul Houseman, one of the performers.

Alison Rupert of Hughesville says, “When I first heard Rick Gathman’s lyrics for “Number 9 Mine Tragedy”, I thought of the Bee Gees’ heartbreaking 1967 song, “New York Mining Disaster 1941”.

While the Bee Gees’ lyrics imagined the final thoughts of a fictional trapped miner, the Front Porch Country Band’s “Number 9 Mine Tragedy” re-lives the actual 1968 West Virginia mine disaster from the perspective of an anguished co-worker. Although this 1968 tragedy led to the passage of the Federal Coal Mine Health and Safety Act of 1969, explosions continued to claim the lives of many American miners. As our world makes its crucial transition from dangerous and unsustainable fossil fuels to safe and renewable energy sources, “Number 9 Mine Tragedy” honors the miners who sacrificed their health or even their lives to power America in the age of coal.”

The Front Porch Country Band rocketed to acclaim with the release of “America Standing Tall”, another tribute to fallen heroes of the 9/11 disaster. Their original songs topped the charts of global music sites and a world tour followed.

The band was also exclusive guest of the US-China Foundation when they toured some of China’s well known cities to perform their “Original American Country” music. This led to another creative musical breakthrough that included their holiday album “Christmas Once Upon A Time” which included an hour long television broadcast special.

Members of the band are from Pennsylvania and all six musicians have distinct popular sounds all influenced by their own versatility.

For more information or to obtain a copy of the release “Number 9 Mine” call 570-523-8723.