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Sew Noted

By Staff | Dec 11, 2019

With the fall season waning, winter can’t be far behind. Harvest of fruits and vegetables have been jarred and shelved, gardens are now sleeping. For many seamstresses, this is the height of quilting season.

Areas where fabric will be cut, pieced and pressed, have been prepped and readied for serious business. For maximum light, windows have been washed and various wattages of light bulbs are in good supply.

Quilting is mostly sedintary, which can result in adding a few pounds to one’s figure, which is the reason for questioning the following trends.

The aroma of candles can add much to the ambiance, but have you browsed the candle aisles lately? The vast variety of scents is those delegated to the kitchen and reminders of food. Examples include apple pie, Belgium waffle, cookie dough, pumpkin and vanilla. My favorites of lilac and gardenia might be found hidden behind those other fragrances.

Pre-cut fabrics have taken on names of desserts. “Jelly rolls” are 2 inch widths of material rolled in a circular fashion tied with a bow. In addition, a “piece of cake” is fabric of five inch squares stacked and tied in bundles.

The exercise we quilters muster include rising from sewing and going to the ironing board for seam pressing. Recently I learned that even has been eliminated by padding and covering a folding television stand placed along the chair to a height handy for pressing while seated.

Musts for the eyes and senses are solved but how about entertainment for the ears? Television can be company; however, I suggest setting the dial to an all music station to avoid channels having ads with weight reduction options. I don’t have one of those voice sensitive thing-a-ma-jigs that on demand mute out diet directions.

Scheduling a day devoted to cooking for the entire week is a help. I can tell you but it won’t be so, I’ll resist stocking the freezer with cups of soft ice cream from a nearby drive-thru. Okay, fill the veggie bin with celery and carrots but alas, it’s a balancing act. In one hand veggies, the other a frosty, choosing can be a weighty issue.

To my knowledge, no one has come up with alternatives for trips to the powder room. Here’s a time-saving tip; nuke your favorite flavored tea ‘twixt enter and exit time and they’ll be no weighting, or is it waiting?