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By Staff | Dec 3, 2008

123 Years Ago

The Muncy Luminary and Lycoming County Advertiser-Dec. 18, 1885

On Wednesday, December 9th, Mr. Geo. W. Meck and Miss Clara Shipman, both esteemed young people of Muncy Creek township were married at Camden, J.J. They will make their home here.

Mrs. Laura Moltz, wife of Mr. Wm. Moltz and daughter of our townsman, Mr. Wm. Weaver, died at her home in Montoursville, on Friday evening, December 11th, aged 32 years.

Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Alexander will celebrate their china wedding next Monday..

100 Years Ago

The Muncy Luminary and Lycoming County Advertiser-Dec. 17, 1908

Romaine Hassrick, of Philadelphia, spent a few days with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Hassrick.

Miss Sue Shoemaker, Miss Edith Bruner and Miss Marian Robb left Tuesday for Pittsburg, where they will visit friends.

Misses Mary Brittain and Elizabeth Winegardner will bowl next week on ladies’ day for the ladies’ championship of Muncy.

75 Years Ago

The Muncy Luminary-Dec. 14 1933

3 cents

Mr. Robert B. Burns, of this place, has been appointed by Leon D. Metzger, Secretary of Pennsylvania Department of Revenue, as an Investigator in that Department.

About forty men began work in this borough under the Civil Works Administration, Monday morning, on two separate projects. The Muncy projects approved by the administration are the paving of High street from Main to Market; paving Market street from High to Penn; improving the school grounds and enlarging the sewer at the north end of Main street.

Rays-Miss Dorothy Fawber and John Prokop, both of Muncy, were united in marriage December 2, at the office of Justice of the Peace Robert B. Burns.

Births-Born, to Mr. and Mrs. George Poust, of Hughesville, on Saturday, a daughter.

Deaths-Mrs. Dora Moran, wife of James Moran, proprietor of the New Crawford hotel, died at the Turner sanitarium, Williamsport, Tuesday morning, following a nine months’ illness; Mrs. Katherine Rickolt, widow of Jacob Rickolt, died at her home Tuesday evening; Mrs. Matilda Muffly, died at her home in Turbotville Wednesday morning; Walter Lester Stepp, of Hughesville, Sunday afternoon; John Wertz, aged 74 years, died at the home of his son, John Wertz, Jr. in the Borough of Montgomery; Paul C. Bannen, Muncy R. D. 3 and son of Rev. and Mrs. R. G. Bannen, of South Williamsport, early Wedneday morning.

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50 Years Ago

The Luminary-Dec. 4, 1958

5 cents

Because its 1960 enrollment project has already been reached and because an additional 150 students are anticipated within the next three years, the East Lycoming Join School Board has reached a decision to erect an addition to the East Lycoming high school.

Edward McConnell, owner of Seibert’s Chevrolet Garage in Hughesville, was killed instantly Nov. 29, when he was pinned underneath a truck as it went over an embankment during a snowstorm.

The North Main street drainage and widening project, a problem for Muncy Borough Council for many months, was finally ordained at the weekly meeting of council after the second and third readings of the proposed ordinance, which provides drainage relief for North main street residents and also calls for a widening of four feet on each side of the street.

Personals-Miss Althea Mae Myers, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tracy Myers of Unityville, and Carl Blain, of Baltimore, Md., exchanged wedding vows Oct. 25.

Births-Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Ryder are the parents of a son, born Tuesday; Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hill, Hughesville, son Bruce Clinton Jr., Nov. 24; Mr. and Mrs. Dale Myers, Muncy Valley, daughter Debra Ann, Nov. 24; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Balliet, Muncy, son Kevin Larue, Nov. 24; Mr. and Mrs. James Andrews, Muncy, daughter Pamela Lynn, Nov. 25; Mr. and Mrs. Rog Bacon, Muncy, daughter Rhonda Kaye, Nov. 25; Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Andrews, Muncy, daughter Debra Mae, Nov. 26; Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Shaner, Montgomery, son Paul James, Nov. 27; Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Heberling, Muncy, daughter Patricia Marie, Nov. 27; Mr. and Mrs. Jerome LeVan, Hughesville, son Richard Lee, Nov. 27; Mr. and Mrs. Richard Temple, Muncy, son Richard Dean, Nov. 28; Mr. and Mrs. Herman Woodside, Hughesville, daughter Bonnie Jean, Nov. 28; Mr. and Mrs. Ray Mann, Sterling Run, daughter Dreena Joanette, Nov. 28; Mr. and Mrs. Howard Shaner, Hughesvhille, daughter Barbara Ann, Nov. 29; Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Lowe Jr., Muncy daughter, Dec. 1; Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Wargo, Picture Rocks, son Dec. 2; Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Stein, Hughesville, daughter, Dec. 1; Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Dgien, Muncy, daughter Patricia Ann, Nov. 26; Mr. and Mrs. Carl Spring Muncy, son, Nov. 26.

Deaths-Grace M. King, wife of Lycoming county Sheriff William M. King, Dec. 1; Lee Eichenlaub, native of the area, Nov. 27; Mrs. Tracie Myers Reynolds, Hughesville, Nov. 24; J. Clinton Stugard, longtime Pennsdale resident, Nov. 27.

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25 Years Ago

The Luminary-Dec. 1, 1983

25 cents

As the man under the black beaver top hot walked down the halls of Ward L. Myers Elementary School in Muncy, children could be seen pointing and whispering, “There’s Abraham Lincoln!” There is an uncanny believability to the role playing of Jim Getty, a man who has been impersonating Lincoln for 13 years. Getty talked to the 600 elementary students on Nov. 18.

Dec. 24, 1983 will be a special day for everyone, as almost all Christmas Eves are, but this year it will be of special significance for Erma McManigal and Louise Meserole, whose last day of business as a pastry pair at the Muncy Pastry Shop, when they turn over their ovens, sticky bun pans, spatulas, etc., to Ann Smith, of Exchange by way of Hughesville, who plans to continue to operate the shop as nearly as possible in the successful vein of the two sisters.

Births-None reported.

Deaths-Mrs. Eva M. Coslett, Muncy, Nov. 22; Raymond A. Huffman, Williamsport, Nov. 13; Mrs. Ruth R. Haas, former Montoursville resident, Nov. 23; Eugene G. Yount, Montoursville, Nov. 21; Mrs. Mae Louise Russell, Nov. 21; Willis A. Smith, Hughesville, Nov. 21; Mrs. Jean L. Egli, Montoursville, Nov. 23; Mrs. Hazle E. Blanchard, formerly of South Williamsport, Nov. 25; Mrs. Ruth L. Derr, Watsontown, Nov. 25; Harold Y. Murray, Montgomery, Nov. 25; Mrs. Mabel Adelia Shoemaker, Muncy, Nov. 25; Mrs. Jessie A. Barto, Hughesville, Nov. 27.

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10 Years Ago

The Luminary-Dec. 2, 1998

35 cents

Karla Prieto, an exchange student from Cancun, Mexico, is doing her best to acclimate herself to Muncy, and more importantly, to the gradual decrease in temperature. Even though she is cold, she looks forward to the first snow fall.

Births-None reported.

Deaths-Helen P. Girven, Muncy, Nov. 28; Louise Feigles, Muncy, Nov. 26; Calvin M. Reese, Muncy, Nov. 29; Jacob M. Keller, Hughesville, Nov. 25.

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