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By Staff | Dec 12, 2008

123 Years Ago

The Muncy Luminary and Lycoming County Advertiser-Dec. 25, 1885

Mr. E. S. Herbert, who has been organist at the Presbyterian church ever since the new organ was put in, resigned his position recently, as he does not expect to be in this neighborhood any longer.

As we go to press, we learn of the death of Mrs. Louisa Russell Hess, at Shamokin, on Tuesday. She had been seriously ill for several days and her mother was with her.

On Monday evening, December 21 the twentieth wedding anniversary on Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Alexander, of this place, was celebrated by a large and delighted company, of their relatives and friends.

100 Years Ago

The Muncy Luminary and Lycoming County Advertiser-Dec. 24, 1908

Mrs. Susan Bruch, widow of the late Charles Bruch, died at her home on East Water street Thursday afternoon, aged 47years and six months.

Robert Feries Cornelison died suddenly at his home on N. Market St., at 10 o’clock Monday afternoon, aged 59 years, two months and five days.

The heavy downfall of snow Friday caused some disarrangements in railroad schedules. An engine pulling a fast freight broke down a short distance above Muncy.

75 Years Ago

The Muncy Luminary-Dec. 21, 1933

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T. Montgomery Lightfoot, who spent the summer here, was one of the thousands of people who had the pleasure of witnessing the arrival of Colonel and Mrs. Charles Lindbergh, at Miami, Florida, after travelling through 21 different countries, over a course totalling 28,000 miles.

The Weis Pure Food Store will move their grocery stock from their present location to the newly remodeled L. S. Smith store on the corner of Main and Water streets.

Because of the epidemic of colds and presence of several cases of scarlet fever in the borough of Montgomery, the Christmas vacation of the public schools was extended, and began on Tuesday.

Rays-Mrs. Silas D. Renn was stricken with a severe heart attack on Friday evening of last week.

Births-To Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Opp, at their home on North Main street, on Wednesday morning, December 20th a 13-pound boy.

Deaths-E. Clark Metzger, of Montgomery, died at his home yesterday after a brief illness; John M. Edwards died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. John Bauder, at Williamsport, at 9:00 o’clock Saturday morning, aged 87 years; Franklin Murray, a lifelong resident of Muncy R. D., late of East Muncy, died Thursday morning at the age of 78, after a lingering illness; Noah H. Bower, a lifelong resident of Sugar Valley died at his home near Logantown, Monday, in the 81st year of his life.; Mrs. David Montgomery, one of the oldest residents of Northumberland county, died at her home in Paradise Valley, near Turbotville, on Saturday; Funeral services for Paul C. Bannen son of Rev. and Mrs. R. G. Bannen, were held Saturday afternoon.

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50 Years Ago

The Luminary-Dec. 11, 1958

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Church of the Resurrection in Muncy on Wednesday acquired the onetime Riddell property adjoining the church property on South Main and Currently owned by Misses Ruth Kline and Betty Bates. The transfer of property is expected to take place within a few weeks. it is eventually expected that the kindergarten and convent in Hughesville will be transferred to Muncy.

Personals-Announcement has been made of the marriage of Miss Janet Louise Flick, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Flick, of near Hughesville, to Airman 2nd class Lester Frank Jr, Oct. 26.

The marriage of Betty I. Shires, of Hughesville, to Lester H. Barto, of near Hughesville, took place Nov. 29.

Births-Mr. and Mrs. Stephen McCarty, Muncy, son, Dec. 5; Mr. and Mrs. henry Cope, Proctor Star Route, son Jeffrey Ardell, Dec. 5; Mr. and Mrs. Donald Fisher Jr., Muncy, daughter, Dec. 6; Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Carson, Muncy, daughter Betsy Sue, Dec. 7; Mr. and Mrs. Merritt Wilson, Muncy, daughter, Dec. 9; Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Miller, Montgomery, son, Dec. 10; SP/3 Class and Mrs. James Arms, Fort Bliss, Texas, daughter Susan Elaine, Dec. 7; Mr. and Mrs. James J. Stewart, Muncy, son Dec. 5; Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Myers, Muncy, daughter, Dec. 5; Mr. and Mrs. George L. Houseknecht, Muncy, daughter, Dec. 3; Mr. and Mrs. William Tagliaboskie, Montgomery, daughter, Dec. 2; Mr. and Mrs. Clyde L. Buck, Montgomery, son Dec. 1.

Deaths-Angelo Butera, 63, longtime Muncy resident who moved to California 12 years ago, died Dec. 7 in San Jose, Calif.; Ray H. VonNeida, longtime Muncy resident who was fatally stricken about 3 p.m. Dec. 3, while on a hunting trip; Roy Thomas, longtime Hughesville resident Dec. 4; Mrs. Ethel Sult, 58, wife of Russel L. Sult, of near Hughesville, Dec. 5; Rev. William Price, whose survivors in this area are a niece and several nephews, Dec. 8; Clyde E. Foust, 63, of near Muncy, Dec. 8.

At the Ritz-Man of the West, starring Gary Cooper.

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25 Years Ago

The Luminary-Dec. 8, 1983

25 cents

Rev. Dale E. Johnson is the new pastor of St. Andrew Lutheran Church. Pastor Johnson served first as associate pastor for three years at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, Williamsport, then two years as Pastor, before coming to Muncy.

After 34 years in the downtown Muncy business scene Randy and Dorothy Bartlow are calling it quits sometime about the first of the year. Age, deteriorating health and declining business climate ganged up on the Bartlows to clinch their decision to retire.

Personals-Miss Judy Hymes, niece of Mrs. Plotts, who had been a librarian at the University of Puerto Rico at San Juan for 15 years, lately visited Mr. and Mrs. Kline L. Plotts at Huntersville.

Mrs. Edna Cahn has been informed that her son, George, a staff member of Carlsbad High School, Carlsbad, California, for 21 years, has been selected as Teacher of the Year by the school administrators.

On Dec. 3, Mr. and Mrs. George Beilharz of Muncy were entertained at the Arena in South Williamsport at a dinner given in honor of their 54th wedding anniversary by their son and daughter-in-law Mr. and Mrs. R. Barry Beilharz of Herndon.

Births-A daughter, Donnelle Michele, to Mr. and Mrs. Dio Seese, Watsontown.

Deaths-Henry A. Hoffman, Muncy, found dead at his home by his brother after being stricken Nov. 30; Glenn R. White, Federal Avenue, Nov. 28; Mrs. Frank S. Steele, Montoursville, Nov. 28; Dr. Ronald K. Magargle, Hughesville native residing in Ambler, Dec. 3; Mrs. Mabel A. Zimmerman, formerly of Blossburg, Dec. 1; Mrs. Eleanor C. Mazzante, Montoursville, Dec. 2; Mrs. Wilma Jean Gelegonya, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wilmos Csehy, formerly of Muncy, Nov. 21; Arthur L. Spence, Leeburg, Fla, Dec. 2; William B. Engel Sr., Montoursville, Dec. 3; Samuel Clair Smith, Montoursville, Nov. 28; George A. Zettle, former county resident, Nov. 22.

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10 Years Ago

The Luminary-Dec. 9, 1998

35 cents

For many of us, Christmas Day is spent opening presents, eating good food, and visiting with family and friends. But for others, the holidays can be a difficult time with no family or close friends nearby to spend the day with; or there may be little money for presents and a nice holiday meal.

Thanks to Lois Temple and a crew of volunteers, Christmas Day doesn’t have to be quite so bleak. Sixteen years ago, Lois was working for radio station J104 when she stopped in at the Family Tire store on Route 405 to speak with owner Harry White about buying advertising time. Somehow the conversation turned to the holidays and Harry mentioned how much he would like to make Christmas a joyful time for anyone who had to spend the holiday alone. For that conversation was born the Spirit of the season Christmas dinner, held ever year at the Hughesville Fire Hall.

The McCarty House, located at 34 North Main Street, Muncy, sustained a small fire last Tuesday evening, Dec. 1 when a discarded match reignited in a trash can near the reception area of the business. minor damage to he immediate area including the cash register, the reception desk and the phone and stereo systems was sustained.

Births-Sherry A. Golder, Hughesville, daughter, Dec. 1.

Deaths-Donald E. Bower, Williamsport, Nov. 24; Kevin E. Iseley, Montoursville, Dec. 7; Dorothy E. Heilman, Muncy, Dec. 5; David W. Wheal, nephew of area residents, Nov. 28; Ralph E. Mull, Montgomery native, Nov. 25.

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