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Peeks (3/4/09)

By Staff | Mar 4, 2009

123 Years Ago

The Muncy Luminary and Lycoming County Advertiser-March 19, 1886

Mrs. Laura W. Walton died at the residence of her husband, Mr. Clark E. Walton, in this borough, on Sunday evening, March 14, in the twenty-ninth year of her age.

There was a grand display of meat at Maurer’s new butcher shop last Friday. The visitors were invited to guess the weight of a large hog, at 10 cents a guess. Mr. Warren Goodenow was the lucky man as he guessed 427 pounds, and it only weighed a quarter of a pound less. The purse contained more than $14.

The East Muncy Schools closed on Tuesday, after a successful term of five months. Mr. J. A. Heberling and Miss Fannie McMichael were the teachers this winter.

Mr. James W. Bair expects to take his new position as “Mine Host” of the Clarkstown Hotel, on the 1st of April.

103 Years Ago

The Muncy Luminary and Lycoming County Advertiser-March 22, 1906

A handsomely equipped shooting gallery has been put in one of the large rooms in the opera house block, on Water street.

Jerry Angle, while on his way home from work, killed an owl which measured three feet and eight inches from tip to tip of its wings.

75 Years Ago

The Muncy Luminary-March 15, 1934

3 cents

Capt. C. E. Whipple county detective, and State Police officers have reached the conclusion that the death of Raymond Gephart, aged 12 years of South Williamsport, was accidental. The boy’s body was found at an early hour Friday morning, near the foot of the basement stairs of his home, by his stepmother, Mr. Mary Fern Gephart.

The body lay face down in several inches of water. Attached to the boy’s feet, were a pair of roller skates, which were partly torn loose, presumably by his fall down stairs. A hole was found in the back of the boy’s head.

At a recently organization meeting of the Men’s Brotherhood of the Brick church, the following officers were elected: President, George Opp, vice president Ellery Brown, secretary-treasurer, Paul Yeagle.

Rays-Mr. and Mrs. James Murray quietly celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary, at their home in Glade Run on Tuesday, March 13th.

Births-None reported.

Deaths-Harry H. Pewterbaugh, aged 65 years, of Pennsdale, died at his home Tuesday afternoon; Peter Michael died at his home in Muncy township, Wednesday night, March 7; Mrs. Clarence A. Hamlin, formerly of this place, died at her home in Troy early last week; Mrs. Henry Pentz, aged 45, who died Friday afternoon, March 9th; Mrs. Martha A. Edler, aged 64 years, of Gleasontown, died last Thursday; Mrs. Annie Crawford, aged 77, widow of William E. Crawford, of Hughesville, and a sister to he late Mrs. Alice ARtley Pressler, of this place, died at her home Friday afternoon; Robert Snyder, prominent farmer of Moreland township, died at his home last Saturday.

Ad-I expect to be a Beauty Shoppe in the Opera House Block in about two weeks, specializing in Eugenie Permanents-Frances Long.

50 Years Ago

The Luminary-March 5, 1959

5 cents

The parade of Muncy business changes continued this week with the announcement that Betty’s Dress Shop, owned by Albert Henry, of Williamsport, is moving to a new location after Easter.

The shop is now located in a small showroom of the building owned by the West Branch Mutual Insurance company, and will move to the storeroom formerly occupied by E. V. Barnes shoe store in a building owned by Mrs. Ben Renn at 5 South Main street.

Plans to move the present St. Hugh’s convent and kindergarten from Hughesville to Muncy early in April were announced this week by the Rev. Gerald J. Bischof, pastor of Church of the Resurrection.

Personals-Mr. and Mrs. Clark Dimm, area couple who have spent nearly a lifetime in the Muncy vicinity, observed their 46th wedding anniversary on Feb. 27.

Births-Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Houseknecht, Hughesville, son Gordon Randall, Feb. 26; Mr. and Mrs. Grant Koch, Williamsport, son Gerald Lee, Feb. 26; Mr. and Mrs. Clifton May, Hughesville, son Wayne Bart, Feb. 26; Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Mattern, Sonestown, son Randy Lynn, Feb. 26; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Morris, Muncy Valley, son John Charles, March 1; Mr. and Mrs. Lamont Wallis, Muncy, son, March 2; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Whitmoyer, Muncy, son, March 2; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Widell, Hughesville, son, March 3; Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bastian, Montgomery, daughter, March 3.

Deaths-Mrs. Sophia J. Hall, Montgomery, Feb. 27; William S. Poust, lifelong resident and a former Chief Burgess of Hughesville, Feb. 25; Peter H. Voneida, Montgomery, Feb. 25; W. Ebner Myers, Muncy Valley, Feb. 25; Mrs. Martha Jane Laird, Muncy; Edmund J. Heller, Muncy native; Charles O. Grittner, Hughesville, March 1; Cecil C. Laurenson, Muncy, Monday.

At the Ritz-Torpedo Run, starring Glenn Ford and Ernest Borgnine.

Ad-Silverbrook butter, 1-lb. print 67 cents; Jane Parker Apple pie, 39 cents; Clark Bros. chewing gum budget pack, 50 stick, 27 cents.

25 Years Ago

The Luminary-March 8, 1984

25 cents

Approximately 85 people were in attendance at the March 5 meeting as a result of a flyer that had been circulated throughout the community advising of a possible decrease in property values because of the rumored sale of the Valley Community Health Care Center building on Railroad St. in Picture Rocks.

Charles and Sandra Bartlow, owners of the Sewing “B” store, have purchased Foust Variety Store, 13 S. Main St., Muncy. They will be combining their present inventory with Foust’s and plan on expanding the craft department including a custom-made drapery service and adding bridal and gown fabrics. Betty and Stanley Foust have owned the store since 1969 when they purchase it from F. B. Heal.

Personals-Phebe Leiby of Montgomery will observe her 95th birthday on March 11.

Births-A son, Eric Aaron, to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Johnson, Savannah, Ga., Feb. 19.

Deaths-Mrs. Amelia Henry, March 2; Miss Sandra L. Sampsell, Montgomery, Feb. 28; Mrs. Eliza B. Miller, Millville, county native, March 4.

Ad-Lezzer Lumber.

10 Years Ago

The Luminary-March 10, 1999

35 cents

A proposed retirement development in Muncy, an undertaking which began in 1991, may soon be realized according to pete Wood, the general partner of Chippewa Limited Partnership, a group of investors funding the projects. the proposed retirement community is located two miles north of the street light on Water and Main Streets, Muncy, and is adjacent to Ashler Manor from the state road west to the Susquehanna River.

During the first quarter of play against Northeast Bradford, Muncy hoopster, Patti Hatches captured the all time scoring record from Mike Gaydon who held this record for several years.

Personals-At a morning wedding on March 6 at the Muncy Presbyterian Church, Barbara L. Stirling and Thomas Wood, both of Muncy, exchanged wedding vows.

Births-Mr. and Mrs. Duane Gordner, Hughesville, daughter, Feb. 26; Leah R. Eichenlaub and William J. Trimble, Hughesville, daughter, Feb. 19; Nicole and Darrick Gula of Jamestown, NC, son, March 3; Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Bryson, Montgomery, daughter, March 5.

Deaths-Anna Rebecca Waldron, formerly of Muncy, March 5; Mervin L. Phillips, Muncy, March 3; Beatrice R. “Bea” Corle, Hughesville, March 7; Richard K. Hacker, formerly of Muncy, March 3; Caralyn Frantz Spring, Hughesville, Feb. 16.