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Peeks at the Past (3/18/09)

By Staff | Mar 18, 2009

123 Years Ago

The Muncy Luminary and Lycoming County Advertiser-April 2, 1886

Married: Beeber-Betts. On March 25th, Mr. Harry E. Beeber, and Miss Mattie S. Betts, both of Clarkstown.

Opp-Bartlow. At the home of Chas. Derr, in Lairdsville, on March 27, by Rev. J. W. Hutchison, Mr. Charles Opp to Miss Mary C. Bartlow, both of Lycoming County.

The front of the Muncy Valley House, of which Mr. D. W. Yothers is the popular host, has been improved by putting in handsome new windows, with two panes each, on the first floor. Other improvements have also been made to the office and reading room.

103 Years Ago

The Muncy Luminary and Lycoming County Advertiser-April 5, 1906

Judson Derr died at his home on South Main street on Wednesday afternoon, after a long illness, of a complication of diseases, at the age of fifty-five years.

Clyde Shoemaker, of Montoursville, was married to Miss Mabel Grange, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Grange, of this place, on December 26.

The United Telephone exchange has been moved from Swenk’s store into one of the office rooms of the Smith Building. Miss Florence is chief operator. Miss Lulu Wagner, assistant. Robert Clees, managing operator and Fleming Swenk, relief operator.

75 Years Ago

The Muncy Luminary-March 29, 1934

3 cents

David Frey, an employee of Bryfogle’s greenhouse, and Russell McMichael, both of this place, were injured on Tuesday evening, when a large boulder, loosened by rains, crashed down a mountainside and struck the truck which Mr. Frey was driving.

Rays-Miss Ruby Williams, daughter of Mrs. Edna Forrest, of South Washington street, Muncy, was married to Mr. David Smith, of Proctor, Pa., on Monday, March 26th.

Miss Grace Sones, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Sones, of Hughesville, was united in marriage to Orvis Campbell, chief of police of Lewisburg last Thursday afternoon.

Little Charles Rickolt, son of Dr. and Mrs. C. S. W. Rickolt, was very seriously ill on Monday and Tuesday of this week, but at this wring is much better.

Births-A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Russell Vermilya on Monday morning, March 26th.

Deaths-Dr. William A. Frontz, aged 49, a native of Hughesville, and noted surgeon of Johns Hopkins Hospital, died at his home in Baltimore Friday afternoon; Mrs. Minnie R. Hawley, widow of Homer A. Hawley, of Millbrook, N. Y., died at the home of her brother, Brady Tolbert, near Clarkstown, on Monday morning; C. Milton Laurenson, aged 66 years died at his home on Hughesville R. F. D. Saturday morning; Mrs. Arabella Wallis, widow of Howard R. Wallis, and one of Muncy’s oldest women residents, died last Thursday evening at her home on South Main street.

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50 Years Ago

The Luminary-March 19, 1959

5 cents

The G. R. Bennett and Son Hardware store which recently began operations in the former Golden Rule Grocery store, announces a grand opening to be held this week. The Platt Gift Shop at 38 South Main street, has announced the shop will move April 1 to the store building presently occupied by Betty’s Dress shop.

Betty’s shop will move after Easter to the store formerly occupied by Barnes Shoe store which recently discontinued business. Frank Alexander has announced the opening of a new electrical, radio and TV repair service to be located at the address being vacated by the gift shop, also to be in operation after April 1.

Larry Lauchle, the brilliant University of Pittsburgh sophomore and darling of the Muncy area, won the 127-pound championship in the Eastern Intercollegiate Wrestling tournament at Cornell University.

Personals-Moreland Baptist church was setting for the March 12 wedding when Miss Bonnie Lee Faus became the bride of Carl LaRue Reece.

Births-Mr. and Mrs. George Delany, Muncy, daughter Christine Marie, March 11; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Fry, Muncy, daughter Gale Marie, March 11; Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Kilgus, Muncy, son Jeffrey Scott, March 12; Mr. and Mrs. David Neufer, Montgomery, daughter Shirley Ann, March, 13; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Duchman, Montgomery, son, March 16; Mr. and Mrs. John Coppes, Muncy, son Michael Bruch, March 17; Mr. and Mrs. Richard Reynolds, Muncy, son March 18; Mr. and Mrs. George Freezer Jr., Hughesville, son George Washington III, March 18; Mr. and Mrs. James Markham, Washington, D.C., son James Allen, March 15.; Mrs. Fannie Fisher, Watsontown, March 11.

Deaths-Capt Benjamin H. Renn, retired U. S. army captain and be-ribboned hero of two World Wars, died at the Walter Reed hospital in Washington Jan. 10; Mrs. Mary Burchfield, wife of William R. Burchfield, died Jan. 8 at her home in Montgomery; Miss Helen Pearl Metzger, Montgomery, Jan. 8.

At the Ritz-Bell, Book and Candle, starring James Stewart Kim Novak and Jack Lemmon.

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25 Years Ago

The Luminary-March 22, 1984

25 cents

Ed Ott’s career as a major league baseball player is over. But new opportunities in baseball may be blossoming for the ex-Muncian because the California Angels have named him as a coach of their Edmonton farm team for the 1984 season.

Jim and Earla Thomas have taken a long-term lease on the building formerly occupied by the Sewing “B” at 3 S. Main St., where they will open Jim Thomas’ Physical Training Center, featuring about $40,000 of Nautilus training equipment.

Personals-Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Kiess of 10 Broad Street, Montgomery, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on March 17.

Births-A son, Eric James, to Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Pfleegor, Lake Jackson, Tx., March 13; daughter Amber Marie, to Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Metterming, Watsontown, March 6.

Deaths-William L. Bailey, Hughesville, March 17; Joseph W. Zeisloft, Millville, March 16; Mrs. Eva P. Hoff, Montgomery, March 13.

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10 Years Ago

The Luminary-March 24, 1999

35 cents

For the past year, we have been overwhelmed with an onslaught of information and suggestions as to how to avoid possible computer malfunctions due to the upcoming year 2000 (Y2K) problem. Anticipating these computer problems, businesses, corporations, and local municipalities have pre-empted the millennial mania by establish Y2K compliancy programs to ensure a smooth new year for their customers.

Births-Mr. and Mrs. Agustin Gomez, Montgomery, daughter, Feb. 26.

Deaths-Corson C. West, formerly of Montgomery, March 17; Alice M. Blair, Hughesville, March 21; Wayne P. Lyons, Hughesville, March 18.