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Peeks of the Past

By Staff | Jan 13, 2010

109 years ago

Jan 17, 1901

Excellent ice has been cut from the reservoir being 9 inches thick and clear as crystal. Ice taken from Muncy Creek is from 8 to 11 inches.

Taylor and Eaker, proprietors of the City flouring Mills, have received an order for a ton of buckwheat flour from a party in Illinois.

A shooting match of ten birds was shot between Ed Fague, Samuel Coulter, L.G. Watts and Jack Chambers, on Monday.

103 years ago

Jan. 17, 1907

Another old Muncy comrade has passed away. Josiah Anderson died at the Soldiers’ Home, at Dayton, O., on Friday last, aged 77 years.

Clarence Dimm and Miss Sadie Hafter, both of this place, were married at the LUtheran Parsonage on January 9, by the Rev. W.F. Steck.

Miss Reta Coppes has resigned her position as operator at the United Telephone Exchange, and Miss Florence Tallman has been engaged to take her place.

75 Years Ago

The Muncy Luminary Jan. 17, 1935

3 cents

The presidential Birthday Party in Muncy by which a million dollars was raised last year for the benefit of infantile paralysis sufferers, will be repeated on the 30th of this month.

Births: A daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Keebler, Muncy RD 1. Mrs. Keebler was formerly Miss Maud Smith of Muncy. A son was born to MR. and Mrs. Irvin Robbins, near Iola. Mrs. Robbins was formerly Miss Grace Opp.

Deaths: Christian D. Heim, age 93 years, only surviving member of the old Blooming Grove Duinkard Church in Hepburn Township, died Sunday morning at the home of his son, Samuel J. Heim, the old Heim homestead, at Quaker Hill. Mr. Heim was in good heath until about two weeks ago. After a brief illness he merely “slept away.”; John T. Hyatt, prominent attorney of Jersey Shore, died Jan. 9th; J. C. Burns, aged 64 years, died at his home on Montoursville, at 3:30 o’clock Monday morning; John S. Crouch, 3-year old son of Mr. and Mrs. John E. Crouth, of Williamsport, died at his home Tuesday morning.

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50 Years Ago

The Luminary-Jan. 14, 1960

5 cents

Elmer Barbour, veteran Main street merchant, was elected president of the Muncy Business Bureau for the ensuing year.

Directors of the Lycoming County Fair association, meeting Monday in Hughesville, elected Clyde G. Kiess to his 13th successive term as president of the fair board.

Many area winners were listed at the State Farm Show in Harrisburg as judges pinned ribbons. Winners include Henrietta Holzworth, Muncy; Margaret Fry, Muncy, Carolyn Westberg, Montgomery, Frances Reese, Hughesville, Wayne Arthur, Hughesville, William Myers, Hughesville, and many more.


Deaths: Mrs. Lulu Brooke, 60, died at Muncy Valley hospital on Thursday morning; Isaac H. Yetter, 76, of near Muncy, died Tuesday; Miss Martha Laird, 51, Philadelphia, died on Jan. 8; Mrs. Della Shoffner, onetime Muncy resident, died Friday, Jan. 8; Oliver Waltman, 80, of Montgomery, died Jan. 11 from a brief illness; Crawford J. Robinson, of Binghamton, NY, formerly of Muncy, died Jan. 8.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Rupert Sr., of Turbotville, son, Timothy Ray, Jan. 6. Mother former Evelyn Frantz; Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Sullivan Jr., of Hughesville, son, Steven Craig, Jan. 8. Mother former Betty Montague; Mr. and Mrs. William Betz, of near Watsontown, daughter, Cheryl Arlene, Jan. 9. Mother former June Ravensolt; Mr. and Mrs. Carl Booth, of Eagles Mere, son, Gary Scott, Jan. 9. Mother former Ruth Fenstermacher; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Buck, of near Montgomery, daughter, Peggy Lynn, Jan. 10. Mother former Lottie Wertz; Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Harman, of Muncy, son Daniel Lee, Jan. 10. Mother former Joan Hitesman; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Koch, of near Watsontown, daughter, Robbin Louise, Jan. 10. Mother former Barbara Delsite; Mr. and Mrs. James Saffel, of near Muncy, daughter, Joanne Marie, Jan. 10. Mother former Elsie Quick.

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25 Years Ago

The Luminary-Jan. 24, 1985

25 cents

Beth A. Mincemoyer, Hughesville teacher, has applied for the NASA Teacher in Space Project.

Muncy High School’s traditional bell, which has been located on the front lawn since 1932, has been moved into the gym lobby.

Mr. Wayne Arthur of Hughesville received first place for his black and white brochure at the 37th Annual PA Auctioneer Convention.

Daniel J. Crocker has been named an Academic All-American.

Muncy Indian grapplers go for the Mid-Penn title.

Deaths: Harry Milroy Worthington, 62, of Unityville, died Jan. 20; Pauline D. McCabe, 57, Muncy, died Jan. 16; Helen H. Richards, 82, Hughesville, died Jan. 17; Amelia V. Miller, 64, Watsontown, died Jan. 15; Clara Mae Smith, 82, Montgomery, died Jan. 15; Joseph W. Hitt, infant son, Muncy, died Jan. 17; Lorraine Mable Sones, Muncy, died Jan. 17; Dorothy B. Wertz, 68, Muncy, died Jan. 19; Andrew J. Ross, 41, of Montgomery, died Jan. 13.

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10 Years Ago

The Luminary Jan. 26, 2000

35 cents

A gas tanker transporting 8,700 gallons of gasoline upset on Old Route 147 at the Main Street exit of I-180 at 8:15 a.m. Friday morning.

Navy relies on David M. Wommer, Hughesville, and 200 other men and women in San Diego to fly, fix, and keep records on a small fleet of helicopters.

Rep. Brett Feese (R-84) today announced his candidacy for reelection to the PA House of Representatives.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Wayne E. Benfer, Jr., Hughesville, a daughter, Dec. 14. The mother is the former Stephanie Halchin; Sherry R. George and Larry B. Coffin Jr., Muncy, a son, Dec. 29; Mr. and Mrs. John Noble II, Pennsdale, a son on Jan. 16. The mother is the former Carrie Selleck. Mr. and Mrs. Matt Kennedy, Montgomery, a son on Jan. 18. The mother is the former Jennifer Bubb.

Deaths: Kenneth L. Rose, 85, of Muncy, died on Jan. 8; Christine M. Fisher, 46, of Muncy, died Jan. 21 at Hershey Medical Center.