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Peeks of the Past

By Staff | Aug 22, 2012

109 Years Ago

The Muncy Luminary

Thursday, Sept. 10, 1903

G. Clarence Rogers, of this place, and Miss Lulu L. Welliver, of Danville, were married on Monday, September 7, at Elmira, N.Y. by the Rev. Wm. T. Henry, D.D.

Misses Bess Williamson and Percy Dye and Messrs. Harry Harner and Ed Ungard drove to Glen Mawr on Sunday and took supper at the Knox Hotel.

Work has been commenced on a residence to be built by Mrs. Simon Sheridan on West Penn street adjoining the residence of Thomas Bishop.

The Magnetic Mineral Water Co., of Muncy, Pa., is the name of a new firm recently started here. The firm is general sales agent for the Sizerville Magnetic Mineral water from artesian wells, and is an “unfailing cure for Bright’s disease.”

100 Years Ago

The Muncy Luminary

3 cents

Thursday, Sept. 12, 1912

Last Sunday evening word was brought to Muncy of the tragic death of Mrs. Maggie Waldron, who was instantly killed when on e of the traces came unhooked, letting the tongue of the carriage she was riding in, drop to the ground. The horses ran away and she was thrown from the carriage, landing on her head, breaking her neck and crushing her skull.

W.H. Banzhaf, proprietor of the Vienna Baker, will appear on the streets in a few days with a new light auto delivery truck, the first one to be put in use by a Muncy business man.

On Sept. 23 Henry Leech will remove his barber shop from its present location to the room now occupied by A.W. Tallman next door to the Commercial House.

75 Years Ago

The Luminary

5 cents

Thursday, Sept. 9, 1937

James Kappas, 11-year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Nick Kappas, of S. Wmspt., was rushed to Philadelphia late yesterday afternoon, by plane for special “iron lung” treatment for infantile paralysis, with which he was stricken on Saturday.

Larue J. Croman and John A. Michael, both of Muncy R.D. 1., sustained superficial cuts and bruises, when the car in which they were riding, was struck by a machine driven by Nyol Houseknecht, of Muncy R. D. I. in front of the Muncy hospital late Wednesday night.

Died: Elias Zarr, aged 87, died at 10 o’clock last Friday night, at the home of his daughter, Mrs. John Seid, on East Penn street; Freeman J. Houser, aged 47, died at 7 o’clock Sunday morning at his home in Melrose, Mass., of a sudden heart attack.

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50 Years Ago

The Luminary

August 9, 1962

5 cents

Kettle Creek Dam near Renova was named for the late Muncy Congressman Alvin R. Bush.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wertman left Muncy to make their home in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, transferred there by Sprout, Waldron & Co.

Gary Bennett, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Bennett of Muncy, on leave from the Air Force Base from Amarillo, Texas.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Donald Lawman, Unityville, a son, July 31. Mother former Betty Brooking; Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Hill, Muncy, daughter, Aug. 1. Mother former Marjorie Mayer; Mr. and Mrs. Lee Snyder of Montgomery, son, Aug. 3. Mother former Beverly Carpenter.

Died: Hervey Houseknecht of Hughesville died Aug. 3.

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25 years ago

The Luminary

Aug. 26, 1987

30 cents

Miss Martha Koons, Muncy, received her first issue of the Luminary from Kristen and Stephen Daily.

The Managing Editor of The Luminary, Sarah Shoemaker, is originally from Dushore, PA and is now a resident of Muncy.

Grumman Allied’s new LLV’s Lone-Life vehicles are soon to replace the jeep long-used by the Postal Service.

Jane McManigal, Pennsdale, received her Master’s of Science Degree in Special Education with a Specialization in Exceptional Persons at Bloomsburg University.

Serving in Korea: Julie Miller, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bryon Dugan, Muncy, is serving in Korea for a one-year our of duty with the U.S. Air Force.

Died: John H. Snyder, 86, formerly of Montgomery, died Aug. 22; Rhoda M. McClain, 86, of Muncy, died Aug. 24; Helen Lundy, 86, of Muncy, died Aug. 18.

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10 years ago

The Luminary

August 28, 2002

35 cents

Area resident serving our country-Sergeant Lori Gordner, is a native of Picture Rocks and a Montoursville High School graduate, was recently called into active duty from the Lock Haven National Guard Unit.

Muncy natives Ron and Gary Speary, and Gary’s wife, Carol, look none the worse for wear after an ambitious 4,260 mile summer bike trek across the United States.

Births: A daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Patts, Hughesville, Aug. 16. Mother former Rebecca Colyer; A daughter to Shelley Wingo and Keith Fry, Hughesville, Aug. 15. Mother former Kristen Derr; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Eric Wolfgang, Allenwood, Aug. 14. Mother is the former Marguerite Holmer.

Died: Amy M. Kern, 25, Hughesville, died Aug. 25; Grace M. Whitcomb, 95, Montgomery, died Aug. 22; Charles M. Keeler, 92, Hughesville, died Aug. 20; Mary L. Day, 82, of Hughesville, died Aug. 24; Edith G. Allen Moore, 83, formerly of Allenwood, died Aug. 21; Verna C. Dewalt, 87, formerly of Montgomery, died Aug. 23.