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Peeks of the Past

By Staff | Oct 23, 2012

109 Years Ago

The Muncy Luminary

Thursday, Nov. 12, 1903

Frank Riddell, eldest son of the late Charles Riddell of this place, passed a very successful examination in the law school at Washington, D. C., and was admitted to the bar last week.

Donald Noble, who came home to cast his first vote, has returned to Philadelphia, to resume his studies at the University of Pennsylvania.

The Misses Victoria and Evelyn Schoch, little daughters of MR. and Mrs. Irvin Schoch, of South Main street, gave a very pleasant party to a number of their young friends on Saturday afternoon. About 46 young folks attended.

100 Years Ago

The Muncy Luminary

3 cents

Thursday, Nov. 14, 1912

A variety shower was given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. G. B. M. Frey, in honor of their daughter, Miss Bertha, who will soon become the wife of S.B. Wilt, of Harrisburg.

Mr. and Mrs. John Sorenson and sons, who spent the past three months visiting friends in Denmark, returned to Muncy Tuesday evening.

Mrs. A.T. O’Neill left Monday for Allentown, where she will spend several weeks with relatives before turning to his place.

75 Years Ago

The Luminary

5 cents

Thursday, Nov. 11, 1937

The Muncy-Muncy Creek Parent Teacher Association will sponsor two short plays and a fashion show, to be held at the high school auditorium on Thursday evening.

Miss Ida Mae Updegraff, of Muncy R. D. is a patient in the Williamsport Hospital having suffered severe injuries in an automobile accident Saturday night at Hall’s Station.

Joseph W. Eves, of Milton, an employee of the Reading Railroad for 17 years has been promoted to the position of agent at the Muncy station, effective Tuesday.

Daniel Poust, of this place, is exceptionally proud of the football achievements of his grandson, Kenneth Poust, who is proving to be one of the star football players of the East this year.

Miss Wanda C. Kepner, daughter of MR. and Mrs. Hurley R. Kepner, of Muncy, was united in marriage to Thomas B. Young, of Asbury Park, N.J. on Nov. 6th.

Died: Mary C. Reichenbach, age 67, died Monday night at her home in Williamsport.

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50 Years Ago

The Luminary

Oct. 4, 1962

5 cents

Pretty girls, beautiful floats, good music and everything that goes into the word “parade” will be featured when the gala “Holiday Fair parade marches through Muncy’s street Friday evening.

A Muncy man, William Robert Hill, was killed about 8:30 p.m. Sept. 30, as a result of a two-car crash on the Muncy-Hughesville highway near Trout Pond Park.

The Rev. William F. Steck, beloved retired Lutheran minister who served the Muncy church for 24 years died Oct. 1 at the home of his son, William, in Sunbury.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Youtz, of Muncy, announce the marriage of their daughter, Jane, to George Stewart Whaley, of New York City.

Miss Leslie Brown, of near Pennsdale, has been selected to represent Muncy High School at the 14th annual PA State Flaming Foliage festival in Renova.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. JOhn Wallet, Muncy, daughter, Sept. 26. Mother former Shelia Gruver; Mr. and Mrs. Lewis McCarty, Muncy, daughter, Lucinda Jane, Sept. 27. Mother former Lola Bennett; Mr.and Mrs. Dale Budman, of Unityville, son, Brian Edward, Sept. 27. Mother former Effie Rogers; Mr.and Mrs. William Kennedy, Allenwood, daughter, Sept. 27. Mother former Marie Murray; Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sones, Hughesville, daughter, Sept. 29. Mother former Shirley Rooker; Mr. and Mrs. Andrews, of Picture Rocks, daughter, Sept. 29. Mother former Selma Engdahl; Mr. and Mrs. Larry Phillips, of Hughesville, son, Sept. 30. Mother former Dianna Travelpiece; Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Richart, Muncy, daughter, Sept. 30. Mother former Beatrice Smith; Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gottschall, Muncy, a daughter, Sept. 30. Mother former Emily Crawford; Mr. and Mrs. Hescal Richard, Muncy, daughter, Sept. 30. Mother former Virginia Nungle; Mr.and Mrs. Howard Little, of near Muncy, Sept. 30. Mother former Betty Hall; Mr.and Mrs. Raymond Swisher, Unityville, son, Oct. 2. Mother former Frances Sommers.

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25 years ago

The Luminary

Oct. 14, 1987

30 cents

The Kellogg Company located in the Muncy Industrial Park, recently presented a check for $10,000 to STEP, Inc.

Kristine McCarty was crowned queen at Montgomery’s homecoming festivities and crowned princess was Vanessa Cleveland.

Births: Mr.and Mrs. Franklin Wertz, Jr., of Montgomery, a daughter, Oct. 10. Mother is former Brenda L. Brown.

At the Carl G. Renn Elementary School Nature Trail dedication, the trail name was chosen and dedicated in memory of Dr. Charles W. Amer.

Died: Byard Houseknecht, 71, Muncy, died Oct., 10; Philip Traupane, former Muncy teacher, died July 6; Otto W. Bower. 83, formerly of Montgomery, died Oct. 8; Doris L. Donaldson, 62, a Muncy native, died June 9; Harry Woodley, 81, formerly of Muncy, died Oct. 13.

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10 years ago

The Luminary

Oct. 23, 2002

35 cents

Area resident serving our country: Robert Haueisen, Jr., son of Robert and Edith Haueisen, Sr., Muncy, graduated basic training at the Great Lakes Navel Training Center on Sept. 6.

“Locked Out” union laborers from Young Industries, Muncy, have picketed across the street from the company since Oct. 15.

The Fort Brady Hotel and Howard Langdon’s office are in the middle of “face lift” operations. From all appearances they will have improved their looks greatly when completed.

Muncy High School senior Amy Whitaker was crowned homecoming queen and junior Leslie Wright was crowned princess.

Died: Gene Kessler, 76, Unityville, died Oct. 16; Melvin L. “Mike” Holmes, 50, Montgomery, died Oct. 20; Sarah R. “Ruth” Nunn, 81, of Picture Rocks, died Oct. 14; S. Glenn McElrath, 92, Muncy, died Oct. 15; Jerry Hahn, 44, Montgomery, died Oct. 19; Donald Lewis, 78, Hughesville, died Oct. 18; Charles E. Gulliver, 82, Montgomery, died Oct. 20.