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Peeks of the Past

By Staff | Jan 8, 2013

109 Years Ago

The Muncy Luminary

Thursday, Jan. 9, 1913

Charles E. Ecroyd, a well known farmer of near Penn dale, sustained the loss of his little finger and part of the middle finger on his left hand, and the rest of his hand badly cut and bruised last Tuesday when it was drawn into a shredder.

William Frey, aged 14 years, son of Henry Frey of Halls fell from a freight train on the Philadelphia & Reading railroad, in the East end of Williamsport last Monday morning, sustaining a broken back, a badly mangled right hand and internal injuries.

William Ellmaker, of Allenwood and Mrs. Mary A. Hamilton of Muncy, were united in marriage by justice of the peace Thomas Opp, last Thursday evening.

L.L. Houseknecht, of this place, had his pocket picked of $60 while shopping in one of the stores in Williamsport last Thursday.

100 Years Ago

The Muncy Luminary

Thursday, Jan. 7, 1904

Emerson Hassrick, son of John Hassrick, who resides at the pump station, yesterday afternoon was operated upon by Drs. McNutt, of Williamsport and J.W. Albright of town. Two pieces of rib each almost two inches long were removed.

Harry Levine attended a swell dance at the Park Hotel, Williamsport, Wednesday evening.

A large party of young people from Montoursville took advantage of the fine sleighing on New Year’s night and drove to Muncy, where they were entertained by Coleman Bubb and wife.

Miss Read Kisner, of Watsontown, and Miss Persun, of Montgomery, visited Mrs. George Painter the past week, and attended the leap year assembly Friday evening.

75 Years Ago

The Luminary

Thursday, Jan. 6, 1938

43 Deaths in Muncy During the Past Year-Luminary Files During 1937 Had 143 Obituaries.

Council Names Harry Merrill Police Chief-Burgess and New Councilman Are Sworn in; Dr. Baker Elected President of Council

Born: On Tuesday, Jan. 4, a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Dale Konkle, of Montoursville. Mrs. Konkle before marriage was Miss Lois Long, of this place.

Miss Laura Emma Hicks and F. Gordon Heller, formerly of this place, were united in marriage on Saturday afternoon.

“Crazy Mike” the first Radio broadcast ever stated in Muncy will be presented at the high school auditorium on Friday evening.

Died: Capt. W. C. Fortney, age 82, captain of the last canal boat to enter Muncy, died last Friday.

50 Years Ago

The Luminary

Jan. 3, 1963

Trout Pond Park changed ownership this week and was sold on Dec. 31 by Mr. and Mrs. Harold Larned to Paul and Lee Guisewhite of Muncy.

Mrs. Alan Crawshaw, R.N., of Muncy, has accept a position with the Visiting Nurse Association of Lycoming County.

Ralph Hartzell was elected Muncy Borough Secretary.

James Gleason & Son placed first in Lycoming County in the 1962 5-acre corn contest.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Wise, Jr., Montgomery, a son, Dec. 18; Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Fuller, Muncy, a daughter, Dec. 19; Mr. and Mrs. Benno Himmel, Muncy, a daughter, Dec. 19; Mr. and Mrs. George Delaney, Muncy, a son, Dec. 19; Mr. and Mrs. John Treese, Montgomery, a son, Dec. 20; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Newhard, Hughesville, a son, Dec. 25; Mr.and Mrs. George Hite, Montgomery, a son, Dec. 25; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Leech, Muncy, daughter, Dec. 27; Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Barto, Hughesville, a daughter, Dec. 28; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Culver, Hughesville, son, Dec. 28; Mr.and Mrs. Charles Herit, Hughesville, son, Dec. 29; Mr.and Mrs. Paul Johnson, Turbotville, son, Dec. 29; Mr. and Mrs. Paul Moser, Turbotville, daughter, Dec. 29; Mr.and MRs. Gary Alexander, Muncy, daughter, Dec. 31; Twin daughters to Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hall, Muncy, Dec. 26; Mr. and Mrs. John Burley, Montgomery, a son, Dec. 26; Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Lagana, Montgomery, a daughter, Dec. 26; Mr. and Mrs. J. Richard Soars, Muncy, a son, Dec. 29; Mr. and Mrs. Mac Bitler, Picture Rocks, a daughter on Christmas Day, Margaret Ethel. The mother is the former Dorothy Noble; Mr. and Mrs. David Nelson, Picture Rocks, a daughter, Dec. 27.

Death: W. Carl Sprout, Picture Rocks, died Dec. 31. He was 75; Mary Slee, Muncy, died Dec. 25; Anna Hunsinger, 64, Hughesville, Dec. 25; Sarah A. Myers, Muncy, Dec. 27; Alfred Welshans, 60, died Dec. 24; Raymond Hill, Hughesville, died Jan. 1.

At the Ritz: Elvis Presley in “Girls! Girls! Girls!”

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25 years ago

The Luminary

Jan. 6., 1987

30 cents

Charles Kindlemann,Jr., Outreach Operations Supervisor, Muncy Valley Hospital, received the hospitals 1987 C.A.R.E. Employee of the Year Award.

O.P.T. parents perform “Lip-Synching Through Christmas” for Myers Elementary students.

Lynn Hopkins, a 1981 graduate of Hughesville HIgh School, brought her textile designing knowledge to Muncy Elementary students as Artist-In-Residence for a week in December.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Donald Yeagle, Muncy, a son, Dec. 15; Mr.and Mrs. Joel Funston, Muncy, a daughter, Dec. 17; Mr.and Mrs. Dale Richart, Hughesville, a son, Dec. 21; Mr.and Mrs. Walter L. Reynolds, Jr., Montgomery, a daughter, Dec. 22; Mr.and Mrs. Darren Schweikart, Montgomery, a daughter, Dec. 23; Mr.and Mrs. Richard Stryker, Muncy, a son, Dec. 25; Holly R. Kimble and Bud Stackhouse, a daughter, Dec. 27; Bonita Lorimer, Muncy, a daughter, Dec. 28; Mr. and Mrs. James Lepley, Muncy, a son, Jan. 1; Mr. and Mrs. Edmond F. Joella, Muncy, a son, Jan. 1; Mr.and Mrs. Joseph Neidig, Muncy, a son, Jan. 4.

Death: Harry Dieffenbacher, 74, Muncy, Dec. 31; Harry T. Little, 87, Muncy Valley, died Dec. 24; Lottie Huylo, Luzerne County, died Dec. 29; Edna M. McClain, 86, Hughesville, died Dec. 25; Dorothy H. Petriken, 95, Muncy, died Dec. 26; Michael Pearson, 23, Muncy, died Dec. 23; Bertha M. Webb, 78, Montgomery, died Dec. 25; Fred M. Brungard, 77, died Dec. 28; Howard O. Smith, Montoursville, died Dec. 26.

At the Ritz: “The Principal”

10 years ago

The Luminary

Jan. 2, 2002

35 cents

Area Resident Serving Our Country: Pvt. Nathan D. Orr, a 2002 graduate of Muncy High School, son of Teresa and David Orr of Muncy.

Four-year old Johnny Artley along with his sister, Jessica Yonkin and brother Cody Yonkin, built a 10-foot snowman on Christmas Day at their home on East Penn Street.

A Scottish Terrier named Shela acted as “guardian angel” for Romaine Houseknecht of Muncy on Dec. 8. When the dog needed to go out, its owner, found Houseknecht lying outside her apartment in the cold and called 911.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Ort, of Muncy, a son, Dec. 17; Sara Miller and Jesse Brinser of Hughesville, a son, Dec. 16; Tom and Julie Rishel, Muncy, a daughter, Dec. 16.

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