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Peeks of Past

By Staff | Jul 23, 2013

109 Years Ago

The Muncy Luminary

Thursday, Aug. 18, 1904

Edward Gilbert, of Montoursville, and W.F. Brittain, of this place, have formed a partnership as agents for the Equitable Life Insurance Co., Their office will be the front parlor of the Columbus Club.

Aaron Lilley has purchased the farm of ex-county commissioner Harvey Smith, in Clinton Township, and Mr. Smith will remove to Montgomery. Mr. Lilley recently came in possession of several thousand dollars by the death of a relative.

Paul Vandine and sister, Marion, are visiting their uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. DeWitt Bodine, at their cottage at Eagles Mere.

100 Years Ago

The Muncy Luminary

Thursday, Aug. 21, 1913

E.P. Hall and daughter, Ethel, of Muncy, and son, Clarence, of Renovo, left Monday for Buffalo and Niagara Falls. They will visit former’s sons, Foster at Erie, and Egbert, at Detroit, Mich.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Reeder entertained at dinner and a musicale on Saturday evening in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Cashman, of Chicago. Miss Mary Swenk, of New Jersey, sang a number of selections most delightfully, the accompanist being Renshaw DeWitt.

Miss Helen Goodenow and Prof. Frank H. Painter spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Metzger near Montgomery.

75 Years Ago

The Luminary

Thursday, Aug. 18, 1938

Lycoming County Fair at Hughesville Opens Aug. 24–68th Annual Exhibit Will Be Open Day and Night; Fireworks on Three Evenings

Frank Smith and William DeWald, two Muncy men who played a prominent part in the rescue of passengers of the ll-fated “last raft” last March, have added another chapter to their story of the disaster. Smith and DeWald recently found two reels of film which had been exposed by Thomas Proffit, cameraman who lost his life in the tragedy.

A Pontiac coupe bearing a Michigan licensed, and transporting part of Polly Jenkins’ Show Troupe, was badly damaged Monday morning at the intersection on Main street in front of the C.E. Vermilya residence.

Wedding Bells-Paul M. Stoner and Miss Beulah Buckalew, both of Muncy, were united in marriage Friday evening; William L. Schell and Miss Ocie Allabach were united in marriage in Saturday evening at the home of the bride’s mother, on Muncy, R.D.

Died: Amzie Whiteknight, aged 77, a lifelong resident of Jordan Twp., died Tuesday afternoon.

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25 years ago

The Luminary

July 6, 1988

30 cents

Gregory E. Herman, M.D., son of Edward and Sylvia Herman, Muncy, received a Doctor of Medicine degree on June 10 at the commencement of Jefferson Medical College, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia.

Hughesville native Ken Swisher recently accepted the position of Assistant Director of Public Relations at Wilkes College.

The engagement was announced of Anita J. Martelli to Gary Bezella, son of Paul J. Bezilla, of Montoursville, and Mrs. Lester I. Koch of Muncy.

Births: Mr.and Mrs. Harry E. Moreland, Hughesville, a son, June 30. Mother former Crystal K. Little; Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Pursel, Jr., Hughesville, a daughter, June 30. Mother former Mary Garden.

Died: Russell E. Houk, 60, Bloomsburg, died June 28; Earl Kilgus, 76, Muncy, died July 4.

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10 years ago

The Luminary

35 cents

June 25, 2003

Young Industries captured the Muncy Little League Major Division Championship on June 19 in a playoff game against Muncy Bank and Trust Company.

Sick kids will receive a boost thanks to a brave and generous eight-year-old Muncy girl. On May 30 Jean Newman of Scissor Talk in Hughesville cut 13 inches of Elizabeth Carey’s long hair which was donated to Wigs for Kids.

Birth: Mr. and Mrs. Roderick C. Strother of Hughesville, a daughter, June 16. Mother former Sandra M. Lentz.

Died: Joseph J. Merrick, 79, Pennsdale, died June 21; Doris L. Lose, 77, Allenwood, died June 16; Myron L. Buck, 83, Hughesville, died June 20; Wanda Rupert Hill, 90, formerly of Montgomery, died April 29; Chester M. Walters, 81, Montgomery, died June 20.

Peeks of Past

By Staff | Jul 23, 2013

109 Years Ago

The Muncy Luminary

Thursday, Aug. 25, 1904

Kenneth L. Grange of this place received a certificate as a qualified pharmacist, awarded by the board of examiners at Williamsport.

In one of the fields of N.L. Hill in Moreland township, there always a small elevation or hillock that snowed after plowing. Mr. Hill finally determined to plow it level. From the deep furrows were thrown a number of Indian arrow heads, skinning knives and other relics.

At the 21st annual commencement of the Lycoming County Normal School will be held in Educational Hall, on Friday evening, Sept. 2.

A very pleasant birthday party was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ambrose DeWald in honor of their daughter Bessie.

100 Years Ago

The Muncy Luminary

Thursday, Aug. 28, 1913

Last week Mrs. William Venrick met with an accident from which she was not entirely recovered, in stepping on the pump floor a board gave way, throwing her down the well. It was a very narrow escape.

On last Saturday, the 23rd inst. Mr. James Wagner, of this place, passed the 72nd anniversary of his birth and on the same day, his twin brother, Peter, observed his birthday anniversary at St. Louis, Mo., where he is employed by the government.

Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Bailey, Miss Blanche Bailey, Dr. and Mrs. T. K. Wood are guests for a week at Hotel Raymond, Eagles Mere.

75 Years Ago

The Luminary

Thursday, Aug. 25, 1938

Without fanfare or ceremony, the detour sign which has graced the corner of Main and Water sTreets was removed yesterday afternoon, and the new two and one-half mile section of highway between Muncy and Halls Station was opened to normal traffic.

The Rev. Father Shoemaker entertained the Hartzell family at ice cream on Wednesday.

Two Muncy men were inured in a three-car accident which occurred last nigh near York, Pa. J. Russell Smith was thrown thru the windshield of a car owned by W.H. Foucar, and suffered severe lacerations.

Misses Mabel and Esther Fritz spent the weekend visiting their brother, Richard Fritz and family in Berwick.

A gasoline truck, operated by Harvey Confer, of this place, failed to stop when approaching a line of cars waiting for a traffic light in Montoursville, and smashed into one car causing it to bump into another car ahead. Damage to the cars was slight.

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50 Years Ago

The Luminary

August 8, 1963

Two Boys Bike 160 Miles to Muncy-Roland Penta, a nephew of Clyde Kepner, of Muncy and his friend, David Mark, both 14 years old, pedaled their way from their home in Phelps, N.Y., on July 26, having figured out in advance that they could make it to the home of Robert Houseknecht near Beaver Lake by Saturday.

Charles A. Ellis was appointed Mayor of Montgomery by the borough council.

All is readiness for the gala two-day Mid-Summer Festival to be sponsored by the Muncy Jaycees on Friday and Saturday.

Mr.and Mrs. Donald Edwards and daughter Donna Lou, of Deep River, Conn., visited recently with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Horace Edwards.

The engagement was announced of Miss Judy Carter to Edward Crawley of Hughesville.

Mrs. Rufus K. Fetter, who has retired from the faculty of East Lycoming high school, will teach a basic art design course at Lycoming College.

Births: Mr.and Mrs. Paul Burgard, Muncy, a daughter, July 31. Mother former Thelma Lawton; Mr.and Mrs. Frank Bomboy, Unityville, a son, July 31. Mother former Emily Mardan; Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Ryder, Montgomery, a son, July 31. Mother former Elsie Ryder; Mr. and Mrs. Paul Brouse, Turbotville, a daughter, July 31. Mother former Emma Travelpiece. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hall, Montgomery, a daughter, Aug. 3. Mother former Lena Crawford; Mr. and Mrs. James Brittain, Muncy, a daughter. Mother former Arlene Lies; Mr. and Mrs. Edward Burgett, Muncy, a son, Aug. 3. Mother former Kay Rupert; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Persun, Muncy, a daughter, Aug. 5. Mother former Janet Laurenson; Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Miller, Montoursville, a son, Aug. 5.

Died: Hurley R. Kepner, 75, Muncy, died Aug. 5; Ned T. Perry, 45, Hughesville, died Aug. 2; Adella G. Kilgus, 63, born in Pennsdale, died Aug. 4; Jonathan E. Diehl, 88, Montgomery, died July 26.

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25 years ago

The Luminary

July 13, 1988

Mrs. Anna Rebecca Waldron, of Muncy, has retired as of June 1988 from her teaching position at the Ward L. Myers Elementary School in Muncy.

Muncy Postmaster Peggy Savage has recently returned from a much deserved vacation cruise to St. Croix, St. Thomas and Nassau wit her husband and daughter, who celebrated their birthdays while “on board”.

Births: Mr.and Mrs. Gerald Houseknecht, Muncy, a son, July 9. Mother former Leigh Lore; Mr. and Mrs. James E. Bortz, Montgomery, a son, July 8. Mother former Dawn Munson; Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Hofer, Muncy, a son, July 7. Mother former Michele L. Millheim; Mr. and Mrs. Chris L. Spurr, Muncy, a son, July 6. Mother former Gina M. Johnson; Mr.and Mrs. Barry Tubbs, Muncy, a daughter, July 6. Mother former Laurie Cameron; Mr. and Mrs. Walter P. Charles, Muncy, a daughter, July 5. Mother former Edwina L. Fairman; Mr. and Mrs. Jason Wisser, Muncy, a son, July 3. Mother former Renee Bitler; Mr. and Mrs. Marc C. Lowe, Muncy, a daughter, July 2. Mother former Tracie A. Hoffman; Lynn M. Peters, Montgomery, a son, July 4.

Died: Violet Pentz, 77, formerly of Montgomery, died July 7; Mabel A. Lambert, 83, Muncy, died July 10; Kevin W. Vermeulen, 24, Montgomery, died July 5; Frederick Fletcher, Sr., 76, Hughesville, died July 5; Harry M. Hill, 84, Williamsport, died July 7; Jennie G. Schaefer, 73, Muncy, died July 11; Robert R. Deeter, 85, formerly of Muncy, died July 11; Arvilla Peterman, 78, Muncy Valley died July 5.

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10 years ago

The Luminary

35 cents

June July 2, 2003

Dr. David Ciraulo, DO, FACS, MPH, was inducted into the Muncy High School Academic Hall of Fame at the 2003 graduation ceremonies held June 13.

The Vineyard Christian Youth Center on Penn Street, Muncy, is being renovated through a Community Work Program at the Muncy Women’s Correctional Institution.

Ray Brown, of Muncy, was the winner of the Muncy Valley Hospital Lawn Party Knobby Knees contest.

Clifford Keiser, Turbotville, and Larry Ryder, Picture Rocks, take their stand outside Young Industries, Muncy, picketing a “lock-out” which began Oct. 15, 2002.

Births:Sherry A. Sosmon and Daniel E. Homes, Hughesville, a daughter, June 21; Jennifer Wright and Edward Swisher, Montgomery, a daughter, June 24; Mr. and Mrs. Adam J. Herr, Hughesville, a son, May 28. Mother former Stephanie K. Davidson; Jeanna Benson and J.J.Magyar, Montgomery, a daughter, June 17; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Taggart, a son, June 16. Mother former Stephanie A. Phillips; Mr.and Mrs. Chris Whipple, a son, June 9. Mother former Karen A. Croucher.

Died: Joan Morin, Muncy, 92, died June 27; John M. Heilman, 67, Muncy, June 28; David R. Manny, 62, Muncy, June 23; Elizabeth B. Jones, 96, Montgomery, June 18; Helen Myers, 69, Muncy, June 29; Ludrick Edkin, formerly of Muncy, died June 29.