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By Staff | Jul 8, 2014

109 Years Ago

The Muncy Luminary

Thursday, July 20, 1905

Miss Sarah Opp was unfortunate enough to step on a rake and have some of the upturned prongs penetrate her right foot more than an inch.

Hunt Whitman and Edward Kline left this morning for Philadelphia to buy goods for their new up to date gent’s furnishing store.

Misses Ida Graff, Florence Elliott and Howard and Harris Waldron drove to HIgh land lake last Sunday.

97 Years Ago

The Muncy Luminary

Thursday, July 19, 1917

Luther Hartranft, of this place, and veterinary surgeon, has joined the regular army, with the rank of First Lieutenant, and has been stationed at Newport News, Va.

Flesh of goats, horses and mules has been added to the meats which may be sold in Pennsylvania for food. Governor Brumbaugh approved an act bringing them under the inspection of the state.

Born: To Mr. and Mrs. John Steck, of Jersey Shore, a son. Mr. Steck is a former resident of Muncy, being a son of the Rev. and Mrs. W.F. Steck.

The Luminary

Thursday, July 20, 1939

3 cents

Headline: New Crawford Hotel Changes Hands August 1-Robert J. Crawford Makes Purchase from James Moran; Was Former Owner

Miss Ruth Kline and Miss Betty Bates, proprietors of the Muncy Candy company, are remodeling the building on south Main street recently vacated by the Carroll beauty Salon, and when completed will move their candy shop into the new quarters.

Harry Berger, 16, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Berger, Muncy, was injured Sunday night when he was struck by a car said to have been driven by Staley B. Iseley of Muncy.

Bryan C. Dennin, 81, of Exchange, died Friday morning; Elmer E. Kaley, 60, died suddenly Tuesday evening.

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50 Years Ago

The Luminary

July 9, 1964

10 cents

Private Swim Pools, Many New Homes Abuilding….Construction Boom Seen Underway in Muncy Area

The Muncy School District hired Miss Carol Amman to teach French and Miss Hilda Farley to teach commercial subjects.

S/Sgt. Delmont C. Eberhart, Muncy, has re-enlisted in the U.S. Air Force under the new prior service program.

Miss Arlene Yagel, Muncy, graduates as WTI Practical Nurse.

Brand new poppa Earl Poust has decided to remain at Muncy high school land has given up thoughts of accepting a position at the State Correctional Institution in the agriculture department.

Mr. and Mrs. H. Thomas Eddy entertained at a party in honor of the first birthday of their son, Robert, on June 30.

After a wedding rip to Niagara Falls, Mr. and Mrs. John Artley will join his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Artley, who are on a vacation trip to Lake Victoria, Quebec.

Playing in 13 games, Bob Menges led the Hughesville Travelers in batting with a lusty .490 average through the first half of the WEst Branch season.

Miss Carol Smith, Muncy, wed William Hughesville on June 20; Miss Carol Fetter, Muncy, and Charles A. Banta wed on June 27; Miss Sandra L. Keil married Garrett Wood Brown on June 27; Miss Linda Mae Maurer and Mr. Glenn Hugh Lynn married June 27.

Engagement announced of Miss Gail Elaine Bryfogle, to Richard Charles Bentz.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Cotner, Montgomery, a son, July 1. Mother former Mary Heiges; Mr.and Mrs. Thomas Rishel, Montgomery, a daughter, July 2. Mother former Penny Schneider; Mr.and Mrs. Donald Allen, South Williamsport, a daughter, July 6. Mother former Betty Holmes.

Died: Ward P. Farrar, Sr., 67, Hughesville, June 29; James M. Phillips, 78, former Muncy resident, June 27.

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25 years ago

The Luminary

30 cents

July 6, 1989

Bursting into a brilliant display, fireworks were recently enjoyed by many area residents.

Don and Ken Feaster patrol the river watching the ducks in Montgomery’s first annual Duck Derby. Don and Ken are both divers from the Montgomery Civil Defense.

Visitors to the Muncy Farms enjoyed a tour of the historic homestead located near Lycoming Mall.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Craig D. Ackerman, Muncy, a daughter, June 27. Mother former Christy Bennett; Mr. and Mrs. Roger W. Barr, Hughesville, a daughter, June 29. Mother former Peggy L. Allison; Laurie Buss and Darrel Spring, Muncy, a son, June 29; Mr.and Mrs. charles Gottschall, Muncy, a daughter, June 27. Mother former Bonnie Buck.

Died: Carl G. Sullivan, 58, Hughesville, July 2; Marybelle Bordy, 72, Muncy, June 30; Vera A. Florent, 79, Muncy, July 1; Phillip L. Prowant, 58, DuBoistown, June 28.

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