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PEEKS OF PAST Apr. 15, 2015

By Staff | Apr 14, 2015

The Muncy Luminary

Tuesday, April 18, 1865

150 years ago

April 14 – Terrible calamity murder of President Lincoln, A dispatch from Washington stated that President Lincoln and his wife, together with other friends, visited Ford’s Theater for the purpose of witnessing the performance of “The American Cousin.”

The theater was densely crowded; during the third act a sharp report of a pistol was heard which merely attracted attention until a man rushed to the front of the President’s box exclaiming, “Sic, Semper Tyrannis!” He immediately jumped from the box and made his escape. The shock to the community was terrible. At 20 minutes past 7 o’clock the next evening the President breathed his last.

The Muncy Luminary

Thursday, April 22, 1915

100 years ago

The big barn on the farm of Perry Wertman, about two miles out of Allenwood, was destroyed by fire Saturday evening with all its contents. The hog pen and other outbuildings were also burned.

Died: Daniel F. Smith, 92, died at his home in Green Valley; Samuel Hill, Route No. 1, died last Thursday morning, aged 42; Alice Yeagle, Muncy Township, died April 14th. She was 58 years; James E. Quigley, former Muncy resident, died Sunday morning of pneumonia; Francis Beeber, formerly of this place, died last Tuesday; Samuel J. Welliver, Danville, died Thursday evening as a result of a stroke of apoplexy. He was 72 years of age.

90 Years Ago

The Muncy Luminary

Thursday, May 7, 1925

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Died: Dr. Roy W. Crandall, met his death on Tuesday night of last week, when a motor car in which he was riding overturned on the road near Slabtown.

H.P. Rogers, of this place, and George Poust, of Hughesville, are on a business trip to Ohio this week.

Mrs. G. L. Painter, Mrs. Fred Hoffman, Miss Martha Brittain, Miss Amy Musser and Mr. and Mrs. T.B. Painter attended the diner given at the Lycoming hotel on Saturday evening by the League of Women Voters.

Married: Miss Pearl Nevil and Thomas Eaker were united in marriage Friday evening in Montgomery.

Born: To Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Irwin, on Sunday a son; To Mr. and Mrs. William C. Slee, on Tuesday, a son; to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Heilman on Monday, a daughter.

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50 Years Ago

The Luminary

April 15, 1965

10 cents

Announcement of marriage between Miss Nancy Barbara English to J. Gary Bontomase, Muncy, April 10; Miss Kathleen Long will be wed on June 12 to William Peterman, both of Muncy.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Kocher, McEwensville, a daughter, April 6. Mother former Shirley Hoy; Mr. and Mrs. James Sheatler, Muncy, a daughter, April 7. Mother former Genevieve Robbins; Mr.and Mrs. James Wertman, Sr., Hughesville, daughter, April 11. Mother former Janet Diltz; Mr.and Mrs. Gary Leech, Watsontown, a son, April 12. Mother former Susan Trawitz; Mr. and Mrs. George Miller, Jr., Eagles Mere, a daughter. Mother former Regina Houseknecht; Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hans, Milton, a son, April 3. Mother former Pauline Hill; Mr. and Mrs. Ludrick Edkin, Muncy, a daughter, April 4. Mother former Martha Feigles; Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Hill, Muncy, a son, April 13. Mother former Marjorie Moyer; Mr. and Mrs. John Engle, Muncy, a daughter, April 11. Mother former Margaret Bower.

Died: Kelly Barto, 14-month old, died April 11; Wilfred A. Renner, 64, Selinsgrove, April 7; Henry A. Smith, 47, Hughesville native, April 5; Arthur E. Breon, 81, Montgomery, April 7; Harry J. Armstrong, 73, Hughesville, April 7; Gilbert S. Stryker, Muncy, April 7; Lillian May Davis, 79, Muncy, died April 7.

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