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PEEKS OF PAST Sept. 16, 2015

By Staff | Sep 15, 2015

The Muncy Luminary

Tuesday, Sept. 26, 1865

150 years ago

The school board of the borough want three male and three female teachers to teach in the public schools.

Workmen are engaged in raising the new span of the Muncy bridge.

T.W. Johnson, of this place, has been appointed an inspector of cigars for this county.

James M. Ward, of Willamsport, announces that he has an official list of all the Pennsylvania soldiers who were buried at Andersonville Prison, George.

The Muncy Luminary

Friday, Sept. 24, 1880

135 years ago

Dr. B.S. Langdon is doing some excellent work on the stump for the Republicans.

Miss S. Heson, who recently graduated from the Philadelphia School of Oratory with such high honors, is visiting friends in Muncy.

The closing exercises of the Normal school will be held on Wednesday evening.

Col. Tate’s new paper, the Lycoming Chronicle, appeared last week for the first time.

The Muncy markets were Wheat $1, rye, 50 c, corn, 50c, oats 30c, potatoes 25 per bushel, wheat flour per sack, $1.50, butter 20c, eggs 15c, lard 8c, country ham 10c, should 6c.

The Muncy Luminary

Thursday, Sept. 23, 1915

100 years ago

Fire that broke out at 1:15 Saturday afternoon completely destroyed the dry kiln and lumber sheds of the Montgomery Manufacturing company, with their contents, causing a loss of $25,000.

While driving from Watsontown to his home just east of McEwensville about 7 o’clock Monday evening Edward Berger ran his team in front of the milk train and was hurled over thirty feet when the engine struck the wagon, but escaped with his life.

The coming marriage of Miss Gertrude Gohrs to Edgar Pfleegor was announced at a luncheon given by Mill Gohrs at her home on Mechanic street.

Miss Esther Steck announces a display of new fall Millinery, Friday and Saturday, Sept. 24 and 25.

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50 Years Ago

The Luminary

September 23, 1965

10 cents

About 100 area residents last Thursdays night saw for the first time proposed designs of two suggested highway routes which would by-pass Muncy, but at the same time they received assurance from highway officials that as of now no decision on final location has been made.

Engagement announced of Miss Georgia Artley, Muncy, to Herbert Meyer, Jr., of near Muncy.

Miss Sally Dorman, Picture Rocks, has gone to Cleveland where she has accepted a position at the University hospital.

Miss Mary Evelyn Saxe, of Hughesville, was married on Aug. 28 to Ronald Walters, of Picture Rocks.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rohm, of Espy, a son, Sept. 20. Mother former Meriam Bieber; Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Myers, Unityville, a son, Sept. 14. Mother former Vera Stackhouse; Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Charles, Muncy, a daughter, Sept. 14. Mother former Gloria Laurenson; Mr. and Mrs. George McLaughlin, Muncy, a daughter, Sept. 17. Mother former Connie Rothermel; Mr. and Mrs. Dale Sheets, Montgomery, a son, Sept. 19. Mother former Leota Lyons.

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The Luminary

Wednesday, Sept. 12, 1990

25 Years ago

Settle differences and get our kids back to school was the overwhelming message sent to the school board and administrators at a question and answer period following a school board meeting in Hughesville.

Muncy Valley Hospital officially opened it new portico with a ribbon-cutting and dedication ceremony held on Aug. 29.

Engagement announced of Marcy Rochelle Davis, Muncy, to David Borges of Hughesville.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Tom Taber IV, of Illinois, (formerly of Muncy), a daughter, Sept. 11; Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Smith, Muncy, a son, Sept. 5; Mr. and Mrs. Dale Grimm, Montgomery, a son, Sept. 5. Mother former Linda LaForme; Mr.and Mrs. Randall L. Monroe, Muncy, a son, Sept. 5. Mother former Jill L. Steinbacher; 1st Lt. and Mrs. Merrill Fisher, formerly of Muncy, a son, Sept. 9. Mother former Heidi Eilers.

Died: Guy R. Shreck, 77, Montgomery, Sept. 6; Anna M. Stugart, 90, formerly of Montgomery, Sept. 5; Emerson F. Grimm, 76, Aug. 28.