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Peeks of PAST Sept. 23, 2015

By Staff | Sep 22, 2015

The Muncy Luminary

Tuesday, Oct. 3, 1865

150 years ago

As an exhibition the State Fair held at Williamsport, last week, did not come up to the expectations of the people, it being deficient in many departments.

The loyal citizens of Fredericksburg are moving for the erection of a monument to the memory of the union soldiers who fell at that place.

The Muncy Luminary

Friday, Oct. 1, 1880

135 years ago

Levi Eshbach, while at Hunter’s Lake last week, was presented by Nelson N. Bennett with the antlers of a four year old buck.

Isaac N. Froch, the youngest son of a former citizen of Muncy, Jacob Froch, the gunsmith, was killed by the recent premature explosion in a silver mine at Gold Hill, Nevada.

An attempt was made by some unknown scoundrels to rob the P. & R. depot Sunday night, but were frightened off by the night watchman, Samuel Karshner.

Wm. A. Petrikin has sent us a copy of the Gunnison (Col.) News, which is quite an interesting paper.

The Muncy Luminary

Thursday, Sept. 30, 1915

100 years ago

The Great Lycoming County Fair, which will be held at Hughesville, promises to be the greatest ever. The free attraction will be the high dive by a man and a dog, from a ladder 104 feet high into 54 inches of water; and a skating bear.

On Monday evening, Mr. Olin L. Allaback and Miss Hazel G. Flick both of Orangeville, were married.

Died: Rachael Taggart Shipman, died Wednesday morning, aged 79 years.

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50 Years Ago

The Luminary

September 30, 1965

10 cents

Alan (Sonny) Hull Jr. was standing in the Luminary’s composing room last Wednesday when someone came running back from the front office. “If that’s your truck out front, you better start after it, it’s drifting downtown”. One the run, Sonny got there too late to keep it from crashing into a parking meter as Jack Richmond ran from the post office to stop the machine and Bob Campbell, after dodging it while driving up the street, jumped out to help. Nothing serious happened, but it might have.

R & J TV Corp. announced this week that it has ceased all negotiations with West Branch Bell Telephone company and will proceed on its own to establish a new cable television signal in the Muncy area.

Eugene P. Bertin, a charter member of the Muncy Rotatory club and member of the organization since 1934, has been nominated to serve as district governor of Rotary International for District 717.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Richard Costill, Williamsport, a daughter, Sept. 22. Mother former Beatrice Brosfus; Mr.and Mrs. William Myers, Hughesville, a son, Sept. 22. Mother former Susan Newton; Mr.and Mrs. Jessie Snyder, Muncy, a son, Sept. 23. Mother former Alma Jean Montague; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kepner, Montgomery, a daughter, Sept. 25. Mother former Claire Cameron; Mr. and Mrs. Donald Rine, Sonestown, a son, Sept. 25. Mother former Barbara Richart; Mr. and Mrs. Lester Lovell, Montgomery, a son, Sept. 26. Mother former Audrey Caton; Mr.and Mrs. Richard Winder, Montgomery, a daughter, Sept. 27. Mother former Shelby Jean Stover; Mr.and Mrs. Richard Steinruck, Laporte, a son, Sept. 27. Mother former Anna Neitz.

Died: George F. Ellison, 96, Picture Rocks, died Sept. 27; Donald F. Freeh, former Muncy area tax collector and justice of peach, died Sept. 26; Fannie M. Artley, 88, Muncy, Sept. 22; Martha M. Schoch, 77, Muncy, Sept 23; Harry K. Gundrum, 85, Sept. 24; Ethel Ives, Muncy, Sept. 25.

At the Ritz: “Tickle Me” starring Elvis Presley

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The Luminary

Wednesday, Sept. 19, 1990

25 Years ago

At the Muncy School District Board of Education meeting, Joel Thomas of Selinsgrove was officially named INstrumental Instructor and Band Director.

The renovated Italianate Victorian home of Dr. and Mrs. Coleman Funk, Muncy, will open for tours on Sept. 30. The 1874 house was originally known as the Rosetta-Montgomery house.

Students in the East Lycoming School District headed back to school on Sept. 17 after a teachers’ strike which lasted for eight school days.

Rebecca Noviello was crowned Muncy’s homecoming queen.

Jack Shoemaker of Muncy caught a muskie in the Susquehanna River. The king-size catch measured 43 1/4 inches long and weighed 22 pounds.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Gerald W. Hines, Muncy, a son, Sept. 12. Mother former Melissa A. Mazurkevich; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Sheasley, Muncy, a daughter, Sept. 5. Mother former Christine L. Frank; Mr. and Mrs. Neal P. Sheptock, Montgomery, a daughter, Sept. 15. Mother former Colleen C. Collins; Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Mumma, Muncy, a son, Sept. 10. Mother former Tammy J. Else.

Died: Gordon E. Leech, 33, formerly of Watsontown, died Sept. 12; Michael James Houseknecht, 19, Muncy, died Sept. 12; Isabel Karschner, 72, former borough resident, died Sept. 15; Laura D. Balliet, 80, formerly of Milton, Sept. 16; Chester A. Spring, 93, Muncy, Sept. 18.