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PEEKS OF PAST Jan. 27, 2016

By Staff | Jan 27, 2016

The Muncy Luminary

Tuesday, Jan. 30, 1866

150 years ago

A meeting was held at the Williamsport on the 18th, to gather statistics to show the amount of lumber shipments to and from Muncy and vicinity, and for the investigation we gather the following facts: On the waters of Big and Little Muncy creeks and their tributaries, and the waters of Mill and Bear Creeks, there are 13 steam saw mills and 112 water power mills, which manufacture from 20,000,000- to 25,000,000 shingles annually.

M.E. Walton has disposed of land to John Ransom, of Williamsport, for a saw mill site below the aqueduct, at the mouth of the creek.

Died-On the 27th ins., Jacob Haines, in the 78th year of his age.

The Muncy Luminary

Friday, Jan. 28, 1881

135 years ago

According to the census figures the population in Lycoming county in 1880 was 57,482 an increase of 9,856 over the census of 1870.

Last Thursday evening a sleighing party of ten or twelve couples drove up from Muncy to the residence of Mr. and Mrs. William Lloyd, near Montoursville, and spent the evening., they took a string orchestra with them and the most of the evening was devoted to dancing.

Married-On Thursday evening, Jan. 20, John Heberling and Miss Jennie Warner, both of Muncy Creek township.

The Muncy Luminary

Thursday, Jan. 27, 1916

100 years ago

Fred Hitesman met with a painful accident last Thursday at the wood working department of Sprout-Waldron’s plant. The end of the thumb on his right hand was severed while operating the buzz planer.

The annual live pigeon tournament of the Milton Rod and gun club will be held at Rangler’s grove.

Married-Wallie Kriner, Williamsport, and Miss Annie Jones, Muncy, were married last Thursday evening.

A variety shower was given for Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Fuller Friday afternoon.

A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bieber, of St. Louis, Mo, on Sept. 21, has been named James Britton, in honor of his two grandfathers A.B. Bieber, of Strawberry Ridge No., 2 and formerly of Clarkstown, and James Burgess, of St. Louis.

Died: Miss Elizabeth Masters Reeder, aged 21, passed away at the family home on Washington Street, Wednesday afternoon about 12:30 o’clock, after a serious illness of eight weeks; William R. Peoples, Esq., died at his home in Jersey Shore, Saturday afternoon.

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50 Years Ago

The Luminary

Jan. 27, 1966

10 cents

Roof Fall In! Area Digs Out From 11.6 Inch Snowfall; Low Temperatures Follow-Lower Lycoming county spent Monday digging out from its first appreciable snowfall of the winter-an official 11.6 inch storm that provided a miserable weekend and eventually amounted to the biggest storm in the area since Feb. 14, 1964.

John E. Reuther will receive Eagle Scout Award on Feb. 9.

Larry Fry, 44-year old popular owner of the Log Cabin Inn just west of Muncy, died at his home adjoining the restaurant on Jan. 23.

Ground has been broken for a completely new and ultra-modern foundry, H. Marshall Soars Jr., Sprout-Waldron’s president, has announced.

Miss Ruth Lorimer, Montoursville, engaged to William R. Miller, Williamsport.

Miss Margaret Noble, Picture Rocks, has returned home from the Muncy valley hospital where she was been a patient since Dec. 4 with a foot injury.

Hughesville wrestlers move toward second straight West Branch Title by 21-15 decision over Muncy before biggest crowd in history.

Died: Arthur Springer, 69, Hughesville, Jan. 20; Grace J. McMillen, 63, Montgomery, Jan. 19.

At the Ritz: “Boeing Boeing” with Tony Curtis and Jerry Lewis

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