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PEEKS of PAST June 22, 2016

By Staff | Jun 22, 2016

The Muncy Luminary

Tuesday, June 26, 1866

150 years ago

Charles Mozley announces that he has enlarged and improved his store room, corner plank road and Main Street.

The popular vocalists-J. C.Towner, E.M. Sturtevant, K. Taylor, and SS. VanNess will give one of their concerts in Union Hill next Wednesday evening.

Very little local news in this issue.

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The Muncy Luminary

Friday, June 24, 1881

135 years ago

With the close of the scholastic year last Friday, Prof. C.S. Riddell retired from the office of principal, having recently been elected superintendent.

The first annual commencement of the Muncy High School occurred last Friday, June 17, when four students were graduated.

Jessie Shoemaker and Ida Taylor, two little girls of the intermediate school, missed no time during that entire term of school of seven months and six days.

The Muncy Luminary

Thursday, June 22, 1916

100 years ago

Headline: Our Troops in Battle; 20 Killed-Machine Gun Causes Deadly Execution in Ranks of U.S. Cavalry Force-engagement took place on the South Domingo Ranch near the Mexican town of Carriral.

Williamsport Sending 133 Men to War Zone

High Water Puts Railroads Out of Service-Miles of Landslides Tied Up Pennsy and N.Y.C. Saturday-Trains Delayed-River up to 22 feet

Died: David Kneights, Muncy, died at his home on West Pepper street on Sunday evening, age of 84 years; Thelma, 10-year old daughter of Mrs. Charles Spotz, died at her home in this place Monday morning after a short illness.

Explosion and Blaze Damaged Shop-Frank Sevison’s Dry Cleaning Works Suffered in Consequence of Flames-loss will be about $300.

Caught Carp in Road; Flats Were Flooded-Big Fish Stranded in Shallow Water Were Easy Victims-Boy Landed Big One-The river, Muncy Creek and Glade Run combined on Saturday and Sunday to again Flood the lowlands north of town, causing considerable damage to the fields, washing out the grain and produce and depositing all sorts of rubbish on the ground.

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The Luminary

June 23, 1966

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Our great industry-Sprout, Waldron and company-is marking the 100th anniversary of its founding with a year-long observance as all special activities are geared toward this event.

The First Baptist church was organized just 125 years ago, and the present church edifice was built just 70 years ago; Church of The Resurrection is observing its 25th anniversary, and this is the anniversary year of St. James Episcopal church as well.

Miss Susan Vanderwende, of Erie, exchanges vows with Leon App, of Muncy, on June 18.

Miss Barbara Ann Beard, Lt. Wayne Sager, of Muncy, wed on June 18 in full military ceremony.

Miss Sharon J. Baxter becomes bride of Thomas Ott on June 18, both of Muncy.

Died: Louis Corson, 79, Hughesville, June 15; John W. Crawford, 73, Muncy, June 21.

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