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Peeks of PAST July 1, 2016

By Staff | Jul 7, 2016

The Muncy Luminary

Tuesday, July 10, 1866

150 years ago

The Baptist Sunday school of this borough held a Pie Nie in Risk’s Grove, the 4th, and had a very pleasant time.

Married-At Parker’s hotel, in Muncy, Tuesday, July 3, Cyrus Brown and Miss Hettie Porter, both of Williamsport.

School directors’ report of Muncy Borough-Amount received, $927.76. Amount paid out, $846.13, as follows: Tuition, $660.00; fuel, $116.27; repairs, $10.76; contingencies, $39.55; amount paid W.S. Warner over paid by him on duplicate, $19.55.

The sixth quarterly report of the First National Bank of Muncy shows resources of $274,645.

The Muncy Luminary

Friday, July 8, 1881

135 years ago

Married-At the Lutheran parsonage, Muncy, June 23, Jonathan bender, of Maple Hill, and Miss Mary B. Houser, Montgomery.

Died-In East Muncy, July 5, Mrs. Elliott Emanuel.

D.W. Buffington returned home Tuesday from an extended trip in Virginia.

George Hinkle has gone to Muncy Valley, as his son, Harvey Hinkle, has secured work at the tannery there.

C.E. Albright and W.F. Brittain, of Lafayette college; C.E. Sprout and Frank and Harry Clapp of Bucknell university, are home for the summer vacation.

The Muncy Luminary

Thursday, July 6, 1916

100 years ago

George Stolz, of North Washington street, died Monday, aged 73, had been in poor health for year past-lifelong resident of Muncy borough, was prominent Miller.

Walter Ditzler, of Danville, a former resident of Muncy, met with a serious accident at West Milton Saturday evening when he fell under a moving freight train on the Reading road at West Milton. His left leg was cut off above the knee by the wheels and four toes on his right leg were cut off.

Capt. Otto’s Greater Shows-the carnival company secured by Sergt. Waldron Camp, S. of V. is holding forth this week in East Muncy.

The ashes of Henry Lebo, patriot, veteran of the Revolution, and close friend and comrade of the martyred Capt. John Brady, lie in the graveyard at Halls Station, by the side of that pioneer who did so much for the early settlers in this section of the county, and who, on the 11th day of April, 1779, was killed by the Indians at Wolf Run.

Miss Amelia Waldron, Muncy, and Chester E. Albright, Germantown, were united in marriage on Saturday afternoon at White Hall.

Died: Pharez Bacon, former teacher in Muncy, passed away at home in Newberry Tuesday morning-indigestion caused death-reached age of 82 years; Curry W. Gray, of this place, died Tuesday morning at the City hospital, Williamsport, age 67 years; Oliver Tules, a well known lower end farmer died at his home near the Limestone church Sunday night.

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The Luminary

July 7, 1966

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A vacant frame building on Carpenter street, known best as the “old pants factory”, was almost completely destroyed by a blazing fire of undetermined origin about noon June 30.

Richard Zukauckas, mathematics instructor at Muncy high school and head football coach in the 1965 season, has resigned his position here to accept a similar teach post in wester Pennsylvania.

If we had not seen it we would not have believed it! The temperature at 3:34 p.m. Sunday, July 3, hit an unofficial high of 111 degrees on the automatic Tempscribe recorder,

Miss Connie Wertz, Muncy, became the bride of Stanley McCarty, Muncy, July 2.

Picture Rocks-Mayor Frank McClain asks that the people be cautious in using outside burners because of fire hazard and the lowness of the creek.

Pamela and Ruth Boston were guests of their sister, Mrs. Ronald Montgomery, at Bellefonte.

Fairgrounds being made weather-ready; Ragtime Pianist JoAnne Castle will be featured headliner at big county event set week of Aug. 1

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Brennan, Muncy, daughter, June 30. Mother former Rosemary Tossia; Mr. and Mrs. George Brown, Williamsport, daughter, June 30. Mother former Judith Karschner; Mr. and Mrs. John Bitler, Millville, a son, July 1. Mother former Dorothy Schrack. Mr. and Mrs. Darwin Jacobs, Hughesville, son, July 4. Mother former Carol Fiester; Mr. and Mrs. Charles PHillips, Hughesville, son, July 5. Mother former Mary Hall.

Deaths: Lewis Schell, 77, Muncy, July 3, five hours after he was struck by a car while crossing lower Main street; Carl G. Clark, Sr., 56, Muncy, July 1; Blanche L. Williams, 68, Williamsport, July 1; Ralph S. Deisher, Hughesville, July 1.

Short and Sweet-King Henry I of England (1068-1135) established the length of a yard as the distance between the rip of his nose and the end of his thumb.

At the Ritz: Sean Connery in “Thunderball”

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