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PEEKS of PAST Oct. 12, 2016

By Staff | Oct 14, 2016

The Muncy Luminary

Saturday, Oct. 14, 1876

140 years ago

Ice one-half inch thick formed in this borough Monday night.

A. H. Gudykunst of Muncy Mills, was opening a bottle Friday afternoon of last week and no cork screw being at hand, struck the neck of the bottle to break it, and in some way cut his wrist very badly, severing an artery.

A brick pavement has been put down in front of the Lutheran church and parsonage.

The Muncy Luminary

Friday, Oct. 12, 1884

132 years ago

The painting at the M.E. church, both outside and in was done by W.B. Smith and Geo. Miller, assisted by G.W. Geasy. It is a remarkable job.

Glen Mawr is the present terminus of the W.&N.B.R.R.

Harry Corson skated five miles in 20 minutes at Union Rink last Saturday evening.

L.S. Smith & Son had a grand opening of their new store lat Wednesday night.

Noble & Peterman and G. Gowers & Son had the fronts of their stores decorate with Chinese lanterns last Wednesday night.

The Muncy Luminary

Thursday, Oct. 12, 1916

100 years ago

Will Case, In Court 9 Years, Now settled-Supreme Court Holds that Albright Purse Co. Belongs to Dr. Albright Estate

The Loveland Girls Musical Comedy company will appear at the opera house all next week.

Frank Sevison has moved into the building he recently purchased from Brady lodge, I.O.O. F.

Dr. Joseph Albright, assisted by Miss Josephine Heiney, removed the tonsils and adenoids from Helen, daughter of Amos Smith, one day last week.

Muncy’s three barbers have raised the prices for all tonsorial work. Shaving will remain at 10 cents, but a neck shave, formerly accompanying a shave, will now cost an additional jitney.

Warehouses at Two Plants Are Being Erected-Robinson Company Building Two Additions-Furniture Factory Has a New Storehouse.

The attention of those persons who recently have made a practice of depositing torn paper and other rubbish in the mail collection boxes is directed to the fact that there is a heavy penalty under the Federal laws for such acts.

During the moth of July there were 9,217 deaths and 19,184 births in Pennsylvania

The Luminary

Oct. 13, 1966

10 cents per copy

Work of J. Wesley Little, early Picture Rocks artist, on display at Bucknell.

Pennsdale Guild Cited on 75th Anniversary.

Charivari is almost an obsolete word in these fast-moving days of the Great Society, but they had one recently near Clarkstown for newlyweds Harold and Gail Miller Lowe and half a hundred people had more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

Bryfogles is in the throes of a construction project, two new greenhouses being built. These are the newest type, made of aluminum frames instead of the customary steel.

Down at the DairyBelle, where Ray Beagle has built a thriving confection business, we get a chuckle every time we read his menu signs. Shrimp is mis-spelled as “schrimp” and Alaskan is misprinted Alaskin.

Barbershop sign: “Keep America Beautiful. Get a Haircut Today.”

A most hopeful sign in Muncy is that two new businesses are about to open-Ted Davis Studio in the Old Doyne building, and Lavelle Chrysler-Plymouth agency.

Engagement announced of Miss Cathleen Neitz, of Muncy to Larry Webb, of Montgomery.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Roy Phillips, Unityville, a son, Oct. 5. Mother former Sylvia Houseknecht; Mr. and Mrs. Galen Ryder, Hughesville, a son, Oct. 6. Mother former Mary Lee Dirk; Mr. and Mrs. George Conrath, Montgomery, a son, Oct. 8. Mother former Margaret Ann Berger; Mr. and Mrs. Larry Rupert, Muncy, son, Oct. 8. Mother former Marie Warren; Mr. and Mrs. Dale Armstrong, Hughesville, a son, Oct. 9. Mother former Beverly Fitch.

Died: Walter Le Van, 73, Muncy, Oct. 8; Pearl R. Stevenson, Hughesville native, Oct. 2.

At the Ritz: “Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines

Ad: Dusting Powder-2 for $1.76-Harter’s Drug Store