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PEEKS of PAST Nov. 16, 2016

By Staff | Nov 18, 2016

The Muncy Luminary

Saturday, Nov. 18, 1876

140 years ago

The depot of the Philadelphia and Reading railroad company, at this place, was burglarized Thursday night last. A revolver, some uncollected bills and other papers and 16 cents in money, were taken.

D. Clapp & Co.’s steam saw mill at Port Penn shut down for the season Saturday after a six month’s run. The cut of shingles reached nearly 5,000,000 feet and that of lumber 2,000,000 feet. Good work for one shingle machine and one circular.

William and Chester, sons of Dr. C.E. Albright, returned to this place on Wednesday from Philadelphia, wit the horses and vehicles used by the doctor in the hack business during the centennial exhibition.

The Muncy Luminary

Friday, Nov. 14, 1884

132 years ago

Married-At the Lutheran parsonage in Oriole, Oct. 21, R.D. Foresman, of Muncy, and Miss Maggie Clark, of Collomsville; At the home of the bride’s parents, in Muncy, on Nov. 6, Charles A. Ergott, of Williamsport, and Mary Yonkin.

The second of the three mile races between Ed Andrews of Williamsport, and Boyd McMichael, of Muncy, for the championship of the county, was held at the Pine street rink, Williamsport, Friday night. The race was won by McMichael; time 11 minutes. Each has won a race. The prize is a gold medal valued at $25.

An invitation dance and skating party will be held at Union Rink Thursday evening.

Robert Cromley, popular new ticket agent at Muncy Station, P.&E.R.R., was married to a Lock Haven lady last week.

The Muncy Luminary

Thursday, Nov. 16, 1916

100 years ago

Jersey Shore set the record for a high price on eggs when M.P. Hepburn, proprietor of the Breeze Hill poultry farm, near that place, closed a contract for eggs at one-dollar per dozen.

A robbery occurred recently at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Heyman Herr on Market street, when jewelry to the amount of nearly $600 was stolen.

Miss Georgine Eleanor McMichael, of this place, and Claude Sorenson, formerly of Muncy were united in marriage on Nov. 4.

Miss Estella M. Falter, of Oklahoma City, and Hugh C. Shaw, of Pittsburgh, formerly of this place, were united in marriage last Saturday.

The American Express company, Morris Colley, agent, has moved from the Lyric theater into the electric light company office, next to post office.

Born: To Mr. and Mrs. William Dildine, of High street, Thursday, a daughter.

Died: Horace Cooke Levan, one of Muncy’s prominent and most highly respected citizens died at the Williamsport City Hospital on Sunday evening after an illness of several weeks, the result of a stroke of paralysis, sustained a this home on South Main street.

Just as we go to press this (Friday) morning we learn of the death of Oscar Otto Nelson, at his home on West Penn street, this morning, aged 65 years; Miss Mary Bieber, aged fifty-three years, died at the home of her sister, Mrs. John Leinbach, Friday evening.

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The Luminary

Nov. 17, 1966

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All full-time employees of the Muncy school district were awarded the opportunity for fully paid Blue Cross Shield insurance coverage following unanimous action of the school board at its regular meeting Monday night.

Florentino J. Caimi, a native of Ridgway and graduate of Mansfield college, was hired as the new band director and instrumental director for Muncy high school.

More than 550 persons have purchased individual copies of “This Is Muncy” booklet to date.

Ann Peischel, 18-year old Unityville Co-Ed at Penn State, Wins State 4-H Tractor Award.

Young George Lupold has been discharged from the service and he and Mrs. Lupold are now residing in Muncy.

Miss Nancy Jeanne Eberlin, of Sonestown, wed Saturday, Nov. 12, to Edward Wertman, formerly of Muncy.

Two senior girls of the Hughesville high school were awarded certificates and gold “Nike” pins for being selected girls-of-the-months of the 1966-67 term. Those selected by the school faculty were Miss Teresa Secules, for Sept. and Miss Cynthia Miller, Oct.

Dick Feigles, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Feigles, Hughesville has completed an illustrious four-year football career at Juniata college.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Poorman, Hughesville, son, Nov. 10. Mother former Jeanne Houseknecht; Mr. and Mrs. Tarry Frey, Muncy, daughter, Nov. 10. Mother former Sharon Stine; Mr. and Mrs. Gary Hunter, Muncy, son, Nov. 11. Mother former Faith DeWald; Mr. and Mrs. Donald Wertz, Montgomery, son, Nov. 15. Mother former Cora Mitchell.

Died: John F. Robbins, 42, Muncy, died Nov. 9.

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