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PEEKS OF PAST Feb. 8, 2017

By Staff | Feb 8, 2017

The Muncy Luminary

Saturday, Feb. 10, 1877

140 years ago

Married-On the 1st inst., at the residence of the bride’s mother, in Wolf township, Charles W. Persun, of Muncy, and Miss Clarence Victoria Bryan.

The old Central school building is being converted into a dwelling house.

We have a new organization in this placed styled the “Muncy Juvenile Brady Monument Society,” the patriotic idea of which is to cooperate with H.M.M. Gernerd in using funds to erect the proposed John Brady monument.

Ira Robins, Hughesville, has invented a repeating rifle that is very highly spoken of by those who have examined it.

The Muncy Luminary

Friday, Feb. 6, 1885

132 years ago

The teachers of our public schools presented a silver watch to the janitor, H.J. B. Angle, last Friday.

The Rev. M.S. Cressman centered upon the pastorate of the Lutheran church las Sunday.

The masquerade at the rink last Thursday night attracted a big crowd, about 50 young folks being masked.

The dwelling home of George W. Long, in Muncy township, was entirely destroyed by fire Monday evening, which a part of its contents and a crippled grandson, fifteen years old.

Married-December 27, 1884, Samuel George, formerly of this place, to Miss Levinia Leiby, of Clintonville.

The Muncy Luminary

Thursday, Feb. 8, 1917

100 years ago

Died: Ray Winters, former area resident, died last Friday of Pneumonia, aged 36 years; Mrs. Mary Ann Miller, died on Monday at the advanced age of 90 years.

Fire was discovered Saturday evening in the repair and material storage shop of the Thorn Brewer garage on North Main street, and destroyed that part of the plant.

Recently a merchant of Muncy happened to see a farmer receive a box at the depot and noticed that it was from a mail order house. He also noticed that the goods were right in his line and the same as he carried for years. He immediately approached the farmer and said: “I could have sold you the goods you have here for less money than the Chicago house and saved you the freight.” “Then why didn’t you do so?” said the farmer. “I have taken the local paper for a year and have not seen a line about your selling these or any other goods. This mail order house sends advertising matter to me asking for my trade, and it gets it. If you have any bargains, why don’t you put them in the paper so we can see what they are?”

J. K. M’Daniel, Artilleryman, died Sunday-Was resident of Muncy for Many Years-Famed as Carriage Builder.

Samuel Sprout, Cavalryman, died Monday-His Death was Sudden, Having Been Ill Only a Few Days-Was Around Saturday.

C. C. Boudman has purchased the blacksmith shop formerly conducted by Elmer Confer, on WEst Water street, and has taken charge.

The “last raft” has come down the West Branch of the Susquehanna many times during the past decade and 1917 will have its quota to offer.

The Luminary

Jan. 26, 1967

10 cents per copy

Muncy Library Adds 624 New Books During Past Year

Budge of $96,041 Proposed for Muncy Borough

Lab at Hospital Gets Citation From Health Dept.

Miss Marlene Laughlin, Muncy, Miss Robert Pentz, Montgomery, and Miss Vivian I. Worthington, Unityville, graduated at Bloomsburg State.

A/3C Judy Taylor, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Max TAylor, of Muncy, graduated with honors from the pharmacy specialist school at Gunter AFB, Ala.

Harvey L. Sullivan Jr., of Hughesville recently re-enlisted into the naval service and was assigned to Surface Division.

Engagement announced of Miss Carol Emma Zarr, Montgomery, to Gary Lee Craig, Muncy.

Miss Louise Wert’s, Muncy, engaged to Howard Koup.

Miss Pamela Jane Nix, Meyersville, N.J. to wed William Geist, of Kennett Square, Pa.

Miss Sharon McCarty’s, former Muncy resident, engagement announced to William R. Link, of York.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Armstrong, Hughesville, a son, Jan. 17. Mother former Patricia Lauchle; Mr. and Mrs. Harold Warren, Muncy, son, Jan. 20. Mother former Marie Sharrow; Mr. and Mrs. Richard Yoder, Muncy, daughter, Jan. 22. Mother former Donna Figels; Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Millheim, Picture Rocks, son, Jan. 22. Mother former Donna Barnum.

Died: Roscoe C (Ross) Yagel, 53, Muncy, Jan. 23; Mildred Yagel, 77, Turbotville, Jan. 23; David E. Buck, 17, Montgomery, Jan. 20; Harwood Becht, 58, Pennsdale, Jan. 21; Clifford E. Pentz, 47, Montgomery, Jan. 19.

Mr. and Mrs. C.F. McClain, J. L. McClain and Mrs. John Brink, Picture Rocks, attended the Miss Marlene Halligan-Jay Brobst wedding at Sonestown.

At the Ritz: “What did you do in the war Daddy”

Ad: D & W Sanitary Disposal, Muncy,