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PEEKS of PAST Mar. 15, 2017

By Staff | Mar 15, 2017

The Muncy Luminary

Saturday, March 24, 1877

140 years ago

Married-Miss Julia Waltman and Newton Bair, both of this place.

Died-In Muncy township, March 19, Michael Shible, aged 79 years.

The Stephen Shoemaker steam saw mill,m north of Muncy Creek, was destroyed by fire Thursday night. The mill was owned by Dr. Charles Lyon, of Montoursville.

The Muncy Luminary

Friday, March 20, 1885

132 years ago

Married-March 18, W.E. Hall and Miss Eva J. Bair, both of Muncy.

Coulter, Rogers & Co. have received a lot of hand grenades for use in their woolen factory in case of fire.

Twenty years ago this week was the great flood of ’65. The lower part of the town was flooded on March 17. That night the aqueduct floated down the river and struck the Muncy bridge causing great damage.

The cold weather still continues. Wednesday morning it was six below zero.

ES.E. Sprout is putting in a full line of sash, door, blind and general planing mill machinery, which will run in connection with his manufacturing of the Williams Fruit Evaporator.

The Muncy Luminary

Thursday, March 15, 1917

100 years ago

Colonel Thomas B. Chamberlain, formerly of this place, who died recently in Philadelphia, bequeathed to his nephew, William B. Chamberlain of Torresdale, a bullet that was shot into him by a Confederal soldier at the battle of Gettysburg.

Friday afternoon the smokehouse on the property of Reuben Stabler on West PEnn street, was discovered to be on fire, and before flames could be extinguished a dressed hog was lost and the building so badly burned that it will have to be rebuilt.

Two Muncy business establishments were burglarized early Sunday morning, one person evidently doing the work.

Harter’s drug store was robbed at $1.20 in cash and all the “dope” the burglar could lay hands upon. An effort was also made to burglarize the store of Thomas Swenk, but the thief was evidently scared off. Since the above was pout in type Clarence (Bucky) O’Connor, of Williamsport, the husband of a Muncy girl, was arrested on suspicion of having been implicated in the robbery.

The Luminary

Feb. 23, 1967

10 cents per copy

Formal signing of the new contract between Muncy’s Modecraft Corp. and Local 516, United Furniture Workers, took place last week thus completing a verbal agreement reached several months ago which ended a strike of the local against Modecraft.

Muncy cheerleaders finished fifth in the annual interscholastic cheerleading classic held at Wellsboro.

Mr. and Mrs. William Baysore and family have purchased the home of Mrs. Clifford Warg, Sr., at 232 Railroad Street, Muncy.

Muncy has five, Hughesville four of 15 from W-B in District wrestling

Robert McBride, Muncy, to participate in the INternational Kart Association winter national races.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stolz, Hughesville, son, Feb. 14. Mother former Janet Bartlow; Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Yost, Montgomery, son, Feb. 16. Mother former Wanda Miller; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Peterman, Muncy, daughter, Feb. 16. Mother former Elaine Worthington; Mr. and Mrs. Harold Seeley, Muncy, daughter, Feb. 17. Mother former Julia Lamont; Mr. and Mrs. Kari McCloskey, Muncy, son, Feb. 17 Mother former Helen Barto; Mr. and Mr. Larry Howell, Milton, Feb. 17. Mother former Virginia Hulsizer; Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Lyons, Millville, daughter, Feb. 18. Mother former Lois Showers; Mr. and Mrs. Sylvan Houseknecht, Hughesville, Feb. 18. Mother former Nancy Deppen; Mr. and Mrs. Harley Allen Hughesville, son, Feb. 19. Mother former Lenna Shoemaker; Mr. and Mrs. Clair Stugart, Hughesville, son, Feb. 20. Mother former Eleanar Mills; Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Brown, Muncy, son, Feb. 20. Mother former Fay Farley; Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Reed, Montgomery, daughter, Feb. 20. Mother former Jane Ellen Hall; Mr. and Mrs. William Rothermal, Milton, daughter, Feb. 21. Mother former Carol Swanger; Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth LeVan, Jr., Montgomery, daughter, Feb. 14. Mother former Laura Burd.

Died: Frank Sechrist, 74, Muncy, Feb. 18; Helen M. Giltner, 66, Montgomery, Feb. 18; Harvey Derr, 82, Hughesville, Feb. 15.

At the Ritz: “Not with my wife, you don’t”

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