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PEEKS OF PAST July 12, 2017

By Staff | Jul 12, 2017

The Muncy Luminary

Saturday, July 13, 1877

140 years ago

The Luminary will hereafter be printed on Friday, instead of Saturday.

Married-In Muncy, July 11, John Doane, Tivoli, and Miss Sarah E. Hinkle, of this borough.

A new pavement has been put down in front of the residence of Andrew Carr, on South Main street.

William Sheridan, while on his way home early Sunday morning, ran across tow burglars in the store of George Stolz. He have the alarm and one of the robbers was captured. The safe had been drilled, but the robbers had not time to blow it. The tools for the operation were secured from Jas. Brewer’s blacksmith shop nearby.

The Muncy Luminary

Friday, July 10, 1885

132 years ago

The Muncy baseball team defeated Milton at that place Friday 8-3.

The 40-mile race for the championship of Lycoming county came off at the Keystone rink, Williamsport, last Friday night. There were six contestants, H.W. Corson and George Huller representing Muncy. The latter left the track at the end of the 22d mile, when Will Andrews and Corson went it alone, the other three having dropped.. Andrews finished his 40 miles at 11 o’clock when Corson also stopped, having scored 37 miles. The same night the rink was totally destroyed by fire.

July 3 Capt. William Corson put on a new bus on his line to the P. and E. station. The exterior is painted white, elaborately decorated in colors. The vehicle was made by our popular carriage builders, DeHass Bros. With a pretty new bus, new harness and a handsome team, Frank handled the ribbons as proudly as though he was behind Maud S.

The picnic grounds at Tivoli on the W. and N.B.R.R. are very peasant and parties are frequent there.

The Muncy Luminary

Thursday, July 12,1917

100 years ago

Henry Shoemaker Robb, who resided on the “Mingo Farm” at the creek bridge north of Muncy, was found dead in bed Wednesday morning having passed away during the night of heart failure.

Muncy’s Quota For Draft, 15.

Douglas Smith, son of Ralph T. Smith, Williamsport, sailed from New York on Saturday for France, where he will become an ambulance driver.

Two Muncy lads, “Bud” Walton and Marvin Long, ran into car of Governor Brumbaugh. The boy did not recognize the Governor and took him severely to task for stopping so suddenly and took his number and threatened to have him arrested. Later the boys discovered who it was that they had given a scolding.

The Luminary

June 22, 1967

10 cents per copy

Mrs. Alice M. Springman retires as Pennsdale postmaster.

Gary Speary gets degree at Penn Sate

Muncy firemen announce plans for three parades during annual carnival.

Mrs. David Kistler, of Muncy, who was injured in an automobile accident at Toms River, N.J., on June 19 was reported as critical.

Miss Carol R. Michael, of near Muncy, and Irwin Floyd Zablocky wed on June 17.

Miss Patricia Eichenlaub, Pennsdale, and Robert Shipman, Muncy exchanged wedding vows June 17.

Miss Anne L. Patrizio, Muncy, becomes bride of Philippe Durette, NH, in Muncy, June 17.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Richard Smith, Muncy, daughter, June 13. Mother former Lois Yocum; Mr. and Mrs. Jay Richards, son, June 14. Mother former Sandra Phillips.

Died: Elsie R. DeWald, 84, Muncy, June 15; Margie Spotts Hunt, former Muncy resident, June 17.

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