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PEEKS OF PAST July 26, 2017

By Staff | Jul 26, 2017

The Muncy Luminary

Friday, July 27, 1877

140 years ago

The Muncy baseball club was defeated by the Quicksteps, of Hughesville, Saturday last, to the tune of 28 to 68.

William Longenberger, of Muncy Creek township,, was struck with a brick by Martin Kelly, of this borough, Monday afternoon, and was badly cut on the head. The altercation followed a suit at law.

The machine shop of P.M. Trumbower is running briskly on cannery work.

A. Bruner has torn down the back building connected with the store room occupied by Charles Ritter, on Main street, and will rebuild it, considerably larger.

The erection of a lockup is being urged by many of our citizens.

The Muncy Luminary

July 24, 1885

132 years ago

Married-at the LUtheran parsonage, Hughesville, July 2, G.B. Rager and Miss Hattie E. Marr, both of Muncy; On July 21, Thomas C. Tallman, Muncy, to MIss Alenda Hill, of Clarkstown.

Rudolph Shaw, son of Jerome Shaw, Monday morning, committed suicide by shooting himself in the side with a shotgun. He was about 30 years of age. The deed was committed in the room over his father’s saloon on North Main street.

An effort is being made to have strained glass windows put in the Muncy Lutheran church.

During the severe storm of Tuesday the barn of Mrs. E. Walton, along the canal, was struck by lightning and burned to the ground with all its contents. The livestock was saved.

The Muncy Luminary

Thursday, July 26,1917

100 years ago

Headline: First thousand Numbers Drawn in Draft Expected to Compose Army.

Drillmaster Eugene Renn and 30 members of the Boys Athletic club hiked to Montgomery last Friday night, returning by train.

Russel Houseknecht, of the U.S.S. Constellation, is home on a short furlough.

It is rumored that one of our milkmen will go out of business next Monday, and also that another will drop the use of bottles in serving milk. Blame it on the war.

Henry Leech motored to Port Allegheny on Sunday and spent several days with relatives.

Following the suggestion of Gov. Brumbaugh that potato peelings be used to grow the tubers, Mrs. Chas. Eckman, of Mechanic street, tried the method and has some of the finest potatoes in town. They are as large and as mealy as any raised by the old established method of using the potato cut into two or more parts.

Joseph Krimm, of this place, and Miss Myra Paulhamus, Williamsport, were married in that city last week.

The Luminary

July 6, 1967

10 cents per copy

William Klinefelter, Muncy, elected president of the Williamsport area chapter of the Muscular Dystrophy Assoc.

Miss Brenda Garrows, Muncy scored 467 of a possible 550 points and finished in the girls division of the State Drivers Road E-0 last week at State College, and Wayne Van Dine, Muncy, scored 550 points to gain fifth place.

Mrs. Erwin Hartman, MHS instructor, resigned her position.

Miss Helen S. Bobaj engaged to Gary G. Rager, of near Muncy.

Anna Maria Bennardi enrolled this week in the sumer music camp at Mansfield State College. She is studying bassoon and vocal music during the six-week stay.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Robert Parker, Muncy, daughter, June 29. Mother former Yvonne Sallada; Mr. and Mrs. Terry Snyder, Montgomery, son, June 30. Mother formerly Ellen Aunkst; Mr. and Mrs. James O’Connor, Hughesville, daughter, July 1. Mother former Marian VanHorn; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Yocum, Muncy, daughter, July 3. Mother former Vida Bull.

Died: Russell J. Wolfe, 69, Muncy, July 4; Woodward F. Vetter, 62, Muncy, July 1; Minnie Speary, 89, Picture Rocks, June 28; Anna B. Derr, 43, Hughesville, June 28.

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