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PEEKS OF PAST Feb.21, 2018

By Staff | Feb 21, 2018


Friday, March 29, 1878

140 years ago

Married-On the 21st inst., Miss Anna Waltman and Lee Brewer of this borough; On 21st inst. Geo. W. Henry, of Williamsport and Miss Jennie Wilson, of Muncy.

The steam saw mill of Sands, Herdic & Co., and the furniture factory of Geo. Luppert, in South Williamsport, were destroyed by fire Tuesday night.

Very little local news in this issue.

The Muncy Luminary

Friday, March 26, 1886

132 years ago

Died-In Muncy borough, March 10, Mary A. Miller,in the 25th year of her age.

The Union Opera House was thronged last Wednesday evening when the Keystone Hook and Ladder company gave their first ball.

The 75-hour roller contest, at the PIne street rink, Williamsport, closed Saturday night .

Capt. Carson is having a new and larger stage built at the west end of the Union Rink, as the one put up a few weeks since provided too low and narrow for the new scenery.

Wednesday night some scoundrel broke into Henry Whitmire’s store and stole several pairs of men’s boots and other goods.

The Muncy Luminary

and Lycoming County Advertiser.

Thursday, March 28, 1918

Price Two Cents

Married-Sansel B. Smith on e of the well known residents of this place and Mary R. Hill, of North Market Street, were quietly united in marriage on March 23rd.

A large barn on the C.L. Mohn farm on Pine Creek was burned together with twenty-seven head of Holstein cattle, fourteen of which were registered stock; four horses, twelve hogs, all farm implements and milk wagons, eight hundred bushels of corn, two tons of fee, and all the grain.

Mrs. Margaret Getgen, of Antes Fort, has received a cablegram announcing the death of her son, John, a member of the Twenty-first Field Artillery, in France, March 14. He was a victim of pneumonia.

Mrs.. Josephine Boak, of Hughesville, figured in what might have been a fatal accident, Saturday afternoon at this place. Miss Boak had been out horseback riding and while she was making her way down Main street, on her way home, her horse became frightened and fell on the stone pavement, throwing Miss Boak headfirst, but fortunately she was struck the pavement on her shoulders instead of her head.

Died: Charles Ellis, Monday, aged 67 years; William E. Crawford, Esq., Hughesville, died Monday night, aged 68 year.

The Luminary

Feb.15, 1968

10 cents per copy

Decker Firm Pledges $10,000 to Hospital; Rotary $3,000.

Michael Aldish, owner of Mike’s Esso, this week presented the keys to anew Pontiac Firebird to Wane Spring , who received the automobile in Humble’s Tigerama contest.

Miss Janet Peterman, Muncy, became the bride of Mr. Richard Langer, Montoursville, Feb. 10.

Royce Bubb, Muncy, was the top corn producer from Lycoming county in the 1967 5-acre contest.

Hughesville Auxiliary Pledges $2,600 to Muncy Valley Hospital.

Died: Samuel E. Sherwood, Hughesville, Feb. 8; C. Brady McCarty, 83, Hughesville, Feb. 12.

At the Ritz: “Casino Royale”

Ad: Frey’s Hardware, Muncy

The Luminary

Wed., Feb. 17, 1993

25 years ago

Muncy resident, Dr. Gordon Godbey, was recently honored with a plaque for his 30 years of “outstanding Leadership and service as a member of the PA Assoc. for Adult Continuing Education.

With natural talent and imagination, Gary and Steve Shaner of Lairdsville have been creating all sorts of snow sculptures each year when there’s enough snow.

Births: Barbara E. Bowersox and David Myers, Montgomery, daughter, Feb. 12; Mr. and Mrs. Llewellyn D. Wenzel, Muncy, son, Feb. 13. Mother former Tracy A. Thorn.

Died: Ida L. McClain, 64, Hughesville Feb. 14; G. Marlin Spaid, 85, Montgomery, Feb. 8; Mildred Stead Kurtz, 92, Muncy, Feb. 9; Martha Hill, 92, Montgomery, Feb. 14; Charles Hill, 86, Hughesville; Calvin W. Barto, Jr., 67,Montgomery; Leona C. Bender, 76, formerly of Sonestown, Feb. 9.

Ad: McCay’s Hardware, Muncy, Pa