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PEEKS of PAST Apr. 4, 2018

By Staff | Apr 4, 2018

Enlightening Items from old Luminaries

150 years ago


John McHenry, Sr., the well known deer-hunter, and who was known the first white child from above Orangeville, Columbia County, died on Tuesday morning of last week, aged 90 years.

Dr. John W. Peale, son of our oldest citizens left this place for Lock Haven, where he intends residing with his son, S.R. Peale, Esq.

Married-On the 21inst., in Perryville, Ambrose Quigle, and Miss Emma J. Mecum, all of Lycoming County.

Died: In this borough on the 28th let, Lizzie E. daughter of Joseph S. and Annie R. Ack, aged 7 months and 26 days.

The Muncy Luminary

75 years ago

April 2, 1943

Price five cents

U.S. Planes Night-Bombing Jap Vessel at night in the Bismarck Sea by U.S. planes

Gary E. Simon, four year old son of Dr. and Mrs. Roy L. Simon of Halls Station, died suddenly Tuesday morning of non-contagious meningitis after being ill since Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. John Nixon have announced the marriage of hitter daughter, Mara Louise, to William Eckman.

Health Report-Following the health report for Lycoming County according to Clyde Tallman, county health officer: 2 of scarlet fever, 2 of mumps, and 3 of chicken pox.

Huntersville-Harvey McClain of Hughesville R.D. was a business caller at this place Monday.

East Muncy-Private Walter Scott Jr. of Camp Seibert, Ala., is spending a furlough with this mother, Mrs. Walter Scott.

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Yeagle and sons of Montgomery and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Houseknecht and children of Opp were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Voneida.

Two brothers, Pfc. Rex Edwards and Pvt. Donald Edwards, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Horace Edwards of Pepper St.. Rex was inducted into the Army on Oct. 3, 1942 and is now station ed at Camp Livingston, La. Donald was inducted on Jan. 30 and is with the Air Force at Miami Beach, Fla.

A/C Stanley T. Houseknecht, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Houseknecht of Muncy, and A.C Arthur G. Whittier, son of Mr. and Mrs. Wadsworth Whittier, Muncy are part of the might their commander-in-chief will use to force the “unconditional surrender of the Axis”.

Nelson Heincelman, Jr., 21, seam 2/c, son of Mrs. Catherine Heincelman of Muncy, has completed basic training at the Submarine School, Submarine Base, New London, Conn., for duty with our growing fleet of underseas fighters.

At the Ritz: “Commandos Strike at Dawn”

Ad: Glass Lumber Yard, Muncy

The Luminary

50 years ago

March 21, 1968

Ten cents

Muncy Valley Hospital will purchase $32,000 X-ray machine.

John Vargo was elected Muncy Jaycee’s president.

Miss Carol Enoch became the bride of Gary Speary, Muncy, in State College on March 9.

Wedding vows were exchanged March 16 by Miss Sharon Ann Chamberlain, Picture Rocks, and Alan Lee Foust, Hughesville.

Marty Fawber, Williamsport, exchanged vows with David Bunce, of Muncy, on March 16.

Jim Stahl, of Montgomery, hits 727 at BowlArena

Died: Fred S. Waldron, 79 year retired personnel director at Sprout, Waldron, and company died March 14; Robert A. Widell, 29, Laurel Run, March 16; G. Leaman Houseknecht, 79, Muncy, March 14; Harold B. Kilgus, 51, Muncy.

At the Ritz: “Wait Until Dark” with Audrey Hepburn

Ad: Coffee 49 cent lb.-A&P

The Luminary

Wed., March 31, 1993

25 years ago

Muncy High School will present the musical “Into the Woods”.

Coast Guard Seaman Kevin P. Karnes, whose wife is Chris, daughter of Ron and Marie Wertman of Muncy, was recently awarded the Coast Guard Humanitarian Service Medal.

Women of the First United Methodist Church, Muncy, made a variety of chocolate covered Easter Eggs which are on sale.

Muncy’s Mike Gaydon and Raiders’ Lisa Wetzel, named Mid-Penn MVPs.

The nine annual Spartan Spectacular will be held April 2 in the Hughesville High School auditorium.

First place winners for the East Lycoming Little League fundraiser were each presented a bike from Luck Lawver, president. Are Gannon and the top seller for the girls and Jason Walter was top seller for the boys.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Vending, Hughesville, daughter, March 24, 1993.

Died: Eugene H. Sherwood, 82, Muncy, March 26; Mary E. Schooley, 96, Watsontown, March 27; LaRue Worthing, 80, Hughesville, March 23; Freda E. St. James, 70, Montgomery, March 24; Harold I. Hunter, 89, Muncy Valley, March 24; Pearl A. Secules, 79, March 25; George H. Rice, 66, Muncy, March 29; Celia B. Burchard, 90, March 27.

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