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PEEKS of PAST Apr. 11, 2018

By Staff | Apr 11, 2018

Enlightening Items from old Luminaries

150 years ago


Mr. Henry Fisher, proprietor of the “Pennsylvania Mills”, and the “Muncy Mills”, in Muncy Creek township, died at his residence on Saturday morning last, after an illness of several months.

The snow storm of last week drove the Pigeons from the woods in large numbers.

The Muncy Luminary

75 years ago

April 9, 1943

Price five cents

Miss Mary B. Miller of Muncy and P.F.C. Edgar Spring who is stationed at Camp Livingston, La. were united in marriage on March 30.

Pvt. Max Brelsford, Aberdeen, Md., spent Sunday at his home on East Penn St.

So many people have asked the Luminary to publish the place and time that Sgt. C. Clay Goodwill sing over the radio. The Sgt. made “such a hit” last fall when he was last heard.

Clarkstown-Mrs. John Applegate and daughter Carolyn, Mrs. Hurley Temple, Leila Snyder and Mrs. Parris Snyder spent Saturday at Turbotville.

A number of the friends of Lynn Persun gathered at his home last Thursday night to help him celebrate his sixteenth birthday.

Pfc. James Little, son of Mr., and MRs. WatsonLittle of Market St., graduated from the Muncy-Muncy Creek High School June 1942 and enlisted in the U.S. Army January 1943.

Died: R. C. Wetherill , 82, Hughesville, Sunday evening; Richard Temple, 87, Hughesville, Tuesday morning; Martha Elizabeth Harding, 47, Hughesville Monday night.

At the Ritz: “3 Hearts for Julia”

Ad: Park’s Store, Main St., Muncy

The Luminary

50 years ago

March 28, 1968

Ten cents

Kathryn Weaver, of Muncy, married David W. Taggart, of Hughesville, on March 16.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Smith and children moved over the weekend from East Penn st. to the new home they built in the Locust Hills area.

James S. Hall has returned home from Korea where he was Spec. 5 in the Medical Crops attached to the 2nd Battalion.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Louis Heddings, Watsontown, son, March 22. Mother former Iona Stiles; Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Swales, Muncy, daughter, March 23. Mother former Mary Earnest; Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hester, Montoursville, daughter, March 23. Mother former Matilda Arlans; Mr. and Mrs. William Milheim, Montgomery, son, March 24. Mother former Sherry Stahl; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. McCarty, Lairdsville, a son, March 25. Mother former LaVern Forsyth; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Temple, Muncy, daughter, March 21.

At the Ritz: “The biggest bundle of them all”

Ad: Muncy Gulf Service-Chas. Kurtz, Prop.

The Luminary

Wed., April 7, 1993

25 years ago

A large number of cottontails have made their homes in and around the yard of Max Walters of Hughesville. Walters regularly feeds the rabbits who eat from his hand and enjoy unusual snacks.

Muncy and Hughesville students embark on a ten-day trip to France and Spain, a group of 30 French and Spanish students, on April 2.

Jennifer Zehner, Muncy, became the bride of Alfonso Mergoni, N.Y., on March 27.

“Pan the Man” to be presented by Myers Elementary Theater Club.

Robert McManigal, secretary and business manager of Loyalsock Township School District attended the annual conference of PA Assoc. of School Business Officials held at Seven Springs Mountain Resort.

Births: Jennie L. Beckman, Muncy, daughter, April 1; Christina M. Snell and Michael S. Lyons, Muncy, son, March 29; Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Myers, son, March 29. Mother former Loretta K. Murray.

Died: Myron B. Keeler, 87, Hughesville, April 2; Robert M. Voneida, 63, Muncy, March 30; Lois J. Werner, 69, Muncy, March 31; Shirley Winder, 48, Hughesville, April 2, Leeman Hilner, 72, Muncy native, April 2; Earl Wertman, 84, Hughesville; Pearl Secules, 79, March 25.