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PEEKS of PAST May 9, 2018

By Staff | May 9, 2018

Enlightening Items from old Luminaries

150 years ago


An attempt was made to take the life of Prince Albert, the second son of Queen Victoria, on the 12 of March, in Australia.

Ex-President Buchanan is said to be lying dangerously ill at Wheatland, near Lancaster.

125 years ago


Mr. Baker Landcake, one of the our oldest and well known citizens, passed away on the 28th.

Matthew H. Taggart, Northumberland, died at his home in that place very suddenly last week, of heart disease.

Married at the Lutheran parsonage in Muncy, April27th, William Stevens, of Williamsport, and Ida Banghart of Muncy.

The Muncy Luminary

75 years ago

May 7, 1943

Price five cents

P.F.C. Zane W. Hill, son of Mrs. Grace Hill of Pennsdale, who died April 21, 1943. A letter received by Mrs. Grace Hill, May 3 from the War Department informed her that he son died April 21 when a plane attempting to take off on a flight crashed into a truck in which he was riding.

The Silver Star of the Army has been awarded Cpl. William Hilderbrandt, Bloomsburg, son of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Hilderbrandt, of Muncy for outstanding bravery while in action on Guadalcanal.

Mary Anna Painter, engaged to Lt. Glenn Harris Hill, of Jersey Shore.

James S. Wood, son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wood, of Shuttle Hill, received his commission as Second Lieutenant from the Officer Candidate Division of the Ant-aircraft Artillery School.

S/Sgt. Lawrence Kleeman, of South Washington St., one of Muncy’s most outstanding members of the Armed Forces, arrived in town Tuesday from North Africa, where he has been serving with the American flyers attached to General Bernard Montgomery’s British Eight Army.

Four Brothers Sergeants-Muncy Reuther Boys Have Same Rating.

Died: Irvin J. Lyons, 64, Muncy, died Sunday evening.

The Luminary

50 years ago

April 25, 1968

Ten cents

H.M. Soars, chairman of the board of Sprout-Waldron & Co., Inc., of Muncy, finds industrial hope for local first on trip to India.

Muncy Borough Police Chief Robert Hartzel reported this week that he and police officer Wayne Farrar have apprehended 16 juveniles in Muncy who were picked up after reports of larceny and receiving stolen goods.

Muncy high school’s cheerleading team won the 11th annual West Branch Cheerleading competition at Montoursville on April 19 and regained the trophy they originally won in 1966.

Marriage announced of Miss Diane Marie Brooke to Gary Dean Wilson, of near Muncy, on April 13.

Engagement announced of Miss Linda Mary Murray, Muncy, to Sgt. Frederick R. Verrico, of Pittsburgh.

Engagement announced of H.M. Soars III, Muncy, to Clyde Taylor Hilburn, of Florida.

Marriage of Miss Loretta Mae Nunn, of near Muncy and Ira Lee Bieber, Muncy, on April 19.

Died: Carl H. McConomy, 73, Pennsdale, April 16; Adrian M. Schick, Muncy, April 19.

At the Ritz: “The Happiest Millionaire”

Ad: Campbell’s Car Wash, Hughesville

The Luminary

Wed., May 5, 1993

25 years ago

Students at Ferrell Elementary School in Picture Rocks celebrated May Day by winding colorful streamers around a May pole. Other May Day festivities included original entertainment by the different grades singing and dancing to various themes.

Richard Dill, letter carrier was presented with a letter of appreciation and a gift certificate by postal supervisor Donald Breneisen. Mr. Dill was honored for his efforts during the “Blizzard of ’93”.

A U.S. Army tank called the M42 Duster found a new home at the Muncy VFW Post #3428. The 1950 tank was used during the Korean War and the Vietnam War.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Don Shannon, Hughesville, daughter, April 28. Mother former Michelle Cuddebach; Kelly Jo Beers and John G. Decker, Hughesville, a daughter, April 26.

Died: Josephine E. Phillips, 92, Montgomery, April 27; Ruth E. Miller, 79, Muncy, April 26; Minnie L. Hall, 90, formerly of Montgomery, April 26; Benjamin C. Gardner, 62, Muncy, April 25.