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PEEKS of PAST July 25, 2018

By Staff | Jul 25, 2018

Enlightening Items from old Luminarys


We understand that Mr. Daniel B. Lykins, a P.W.C.T., of Muncy Lodge I.O. of G.T. has been appointed District Deputy G.W. C.T. for the county of Lycoming by Grand Worthy Chief Templar, Chase. A more efficient officer could not have been selected for the position.

It is with sincere regret that we announce the death of Dr. James Rankin of this borough which took place at the residence of his relative, Dr. M’Curdy at Reading on Wednesday evening last.

A difficulty occurred on Saturday last near Muncy Dam,in this county, between Thomas Huff, a boatman of Lock Haven, and a man named Norcross, also a boatman, from Baltimore resulting in the death of Huff.


Mrs. Harry Hoy is entertaining several visitors this summer. Those with her now are Mrs. Marshall and Mrs. Myers of Philadelphia.

The Cadets of St. Andrews, of St. James’ Church, will leave Tuesday next for Ferndale Park where they will go into camp for 2 weeks.

Muncy Borough has just lost one of its best known residents by the death of Miss Cassie Frederick who passed away quietly at her home on South Main St., on Tuesday afternoon, July 11, aged 69 years.

The Muncy Luminary

Friday, July 16, 1943

75 years ago

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Headline: Participation in World War II Equals World War I-United States in Last War 585 days-In President War 585 Days to Date

Miss Roberta Jean Burgwald, East Water St., and Cpl. E. Jay Long, of E. Penn St., were married July 11.

Fatal injuries resulted Sunday morning to William John Pidco II, of Muncy R.D. 4, when riding a bicycle, he crashed into an automobile driven by a neighbor, Walter Murray, at the intersection eight miles south of Hughesville. The boy was eleven years old and in the sixth grade of the Eight Square School in Moreland township.

William Rankin Reimsnyder, aged 84, died at his home in Port Penn, July 12.

Raona App, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ray W. App, of Muncy, and Betty Jean Baker were injured Saturday when they fell from a bicycle while riding down a steep hill near Clarkstown.

Mrs. Louise Albright Sprout died at the Muncy Valley Hospital Sunday after a lingering illness.

Word has been received by Mr. and Mrs. Lester H. Schooley of Muncy R.D. that their son Sgt. Ralph E. Schooley has arrived safely overseas.

Pennsdale-Mary Drick spent the weekend with friends in Lock Haven.

Robert Drick spent the weekend at his home here.

Martha Fry of Hepburnville, spent the past week with her grandfather, John Fry.

Black Hole Valley-Charles Sherwood , son of Mr. and Mrs. George Sherwood and George Kanter, son of Mr. and Mrs. Warren Kantner had their tonsils removed the past week.

Opp-Clyde Reese, Simon Confer of Muncy, Harry M. Smith of Allentown, spent last Friday with W.S. Opp and Alvin P. Reece and family.

W.S. Opp was in Hughesville on Monday.

Clarkstown-Pvt. William Shoemaker of Indiantown Gap spent the weekend with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Verus Shoemaker and family.

Margaret Sanner of Picture Rocks spent the weekend with Matrona Shetler.

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The Luminary

50 Years Ago

July 4, 1968

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The Muncy School District board accepted the application of three teachers, but lost two by resignation, as it continued to were with the highly important personnel situation at a brief board meeting on July 8. Teacher resignations were accepted from Mrs. Pierce Rebuck and Mrs. Joanne Burkholder. Elected by the board were George Waltz, Miss Arna Dersham, and Mrs. Donald Berninger.

Young Brian Dugan caused a an uproar at the Muncy swim pool one day last week. Playing around one of the lifeguard stands, he got his fingers caught in the small holes in one of he metal steps of the stand. Quite suddenly he had the sinking feeling that he couldn’t get loose, because after getting one finger free, the other two swelled and stayed stuck.They had to take the step right long with Brian to hospital and Grover Frey was called from Young’s Machinery to help.

Miss Sandra Joan Burris, N.Y. and John Willliamson, Muncy, wed July 5.

Engagement announced of Miss Carrie Lupold and Pvt. Robert Lee Sieg, Muncy.

Miss Linda Joy Anderson, Muncy, exchanged vows with Howard Frederick Miller, Muncy, June 29.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. William McCloskey, Hughesville, son, July 8. Mother former Carole Fisher.

Ronald S. McElwee and Clyde Bastian began their ministry of the Picture Rocks Methodist charge on July 7.

Earl Montague, 73, who served as the Hughesville postmaster for 30 years, died July 9.

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