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PEEKS of PAST Sept 12., 2018

By Staff | Sep 12, 2018

Enlightening Items from old Luminarys

The Muncy Luminary

150 years ago


Mr. W. Nicholson of Philadelphia will deliver a lecture on the subject of Temperance, under the auspices of the Good Templars on Wednesday evening of this week at Union Hall.

Dr. John P. Taggart, a native of Northumberland, and known to many of our citizens, but for several years, a citizen of Cairo, Ill; is the Republican candidate for the Legislature in his county, and has taken the stamp in favor of Republican principles.

Young Schrager, who was lost in the wilds of Colley township, this County, on Sunday the 23rd ult., was found alive and well on Friday last, by a party who were out searching for him.

The Muncy Luminary


Herbert M Edwards, a number of ears ago general manager of The Muncy Luminary, and for the past two years connected with the Williamsport Gazette and Bulletin, has returned to Muncy to take charge of the Luminary.

A 65 foot mast tower, used by Contractor Alexander Bailey of Phillipsburg, in the construction of the new bridge over Muncy Creek, just his side of town, toppled over last Friday morning. None of the workman were on the tower, and no one was hurt.

Rev. Alexander Renshaw DeWitt’s series of articles, “In the Rector’s Study,” has succeeded by one with the caption, “In the Hermitage.”

John Hemmersley, of N.J. has brought suit in the court of common please to recover $155.72, with interest from January 21, from Harry Willitts, of Platt township. The claim says that the plaintiff was driving an automobile on the public road. A cow, carelessly and negligently driven according to the claim, collided with the plaintiffs automobile, and the repairs came to $155.72.

The Muncy Luminary

Wednesday, Sept. 3, 1943

75 years ago

Price five cents

Private First Class Howard B. Reed, 32 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Desmond G. Reed of South Main Street s training with his infantry unit under live artillery and machine gun fire in a series of battle exercises, a high ranking officer terms “the closet thing to actual combat we know”.

$400,000 Damage Results From Collision-An accident involving two trucks and two automobiles occurred near the intersection of Water and Main streets Friday according to Chief of Police Houseknecht, who investigated the accident, no one was hurt.

Funeral services for David Hauser, who died at his home East Water street Monday after a lingering illness, were held at the Wallis Funeral Home.

The Veterans of Foreign Wars have ordered the second shipment of cigarettes to be sent to Muncy Servicemen in the African Theatre of War. The is one of the larges shipments to be sent our of Lycoming County.

Engagement announced of Betty Marie Andrews, Hughesville, to Nelson H. Heincelman, of Muncy.

At the Ritz: “Bataan” starring Robert Taylor

Used Cars-Jim Stout, Muncy

The Luminary

50 Years Ago

Sept 5, 1968

Ten Cents Per Copy

A landmark in Muncy, “The Historical House”, will be included int he Friends of the Muncy Public Library tour.

Miss Christine McIntyre wed in Fall River, Mass., to Mr. John Thomas Muir of Muncy on Aug. 31.

Mrs. S.C. Ritter and her sister returned on Labor Day from a two month’s auto trip that took them to the West coast.

The Church of the Brethren in Elizabethtown was setting for the wedding of Miss M. Elaine Graybill and Keith Snyder, of Muncy, on Aug. 31.

Births: Mr. and Mrs.Kenneth VanBuskirk Jr., of near Watsontown, daughter, Aug. 31. Mother former Joyce Phillips; Mr. and Mrs. John Yocum Jr., near Bloomsburg, daughter, Sept. 1. Mother former Eva Lorow; Mr. and Mrs. Earl Shaner, Picture Rocks, daughter, Sept. 1. Mother former Donna Lauchle; Mr. and Mrs. William Fern, Montgomery, daughter, Sept. 1. Mother former Darlene Yachimowski; A daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Stugard, Hughesville.

Died: Harry K. Stackhouse, 68, Muncy, Sept. 1; Arl Evans, 65, formerly of Muncy, Aug. 28; Viola Sprout, 92, Muncy, Aug. 28.

At the Ritz: Frank Sinatra as “The Detective”

Ad: Power Boat Regatta at Montgomery