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Peeks of Past Oct. 10, 2018

By Staff | Oct 10, 2018

Enlightening Items from old Luminarys

The Muncy Luminary

150 years ago


Married at St. James Rectory, on the 17th ult., by the Rev. A.P. Brush, Mr. Jacob B. McClain, and Miss Ellen Edwards, both of Muncy Creek Township.

Married at the same place on the 21st ult., Mr. John Brown and Miss Clara A. Plotts, both of Montour County.

General McClellan arrived at New York from Europe, the early part of last week.

Owing to changes in the cross mails running from tis place, the Luminary will hereafter be published on e day later in the week. We will go to press Tuesday instead of Monday.

The Muncy Luminary


We were presented by Mr. Joseph Hartranft of Muncy Mills, five potatoes, the aggregate weight of which was four pounds-they were the “White Elephant” variety. He also laid upon our table an apple which weight sixteen ounces. If any person can beat these let us hear from them for thus for Joseph takes the lead.

A number of Muncy people on Monday received the announcement of the marriage of Meylert Bruner, Esq., of New Mexico, to Miss Mary E. Mayhall.

A pleasant but quiet wedding took place on Mechanic Street, Thursday evening of last week at which time Miss Minnie Fahnestock was married to Mr. William Moore.

The Muncy Luminary


J. Wesley Little, noted Landscape artist died at his home in Picture Rocks last Thursday evening after an illness of several weeks.

The report given in the Luminary several weeks since, that Colonel John D. Musser Post, No. 66, G.A.R., was being abandoned is greatly exaggerated, although the membership of late years has been sadly depleted by the Grim Reaper.

George Morris, age 19 years of Mawr Glen, was killed instantly Saturday nigh about 10:30 when struck by a car as he was riding a bicycle on the road between Chippewa and Hughesville.

Two illegal train riders were severely injured Monday morning about 10:30 when about a dozen cars of a southbound freight on the Reading railroad left the tracks on the curve between the port Penn crossing and the railroad bridge.

The Muncy Luminary

Friday, Oct. 1, 1943

75 years ago

Price five cents

Miss Carrie Irene Laird of Muncy and Clair Johnson of Williamsport were united in marriage on Saturday afternoon in the Muncy Methodist Church.

As concrete evidence that every man, woman and child on the home front is wholeheartedly back of the men and women on the war fronts, the local bond committee of the Third War Loan Drive, is asking that we assure success for the drive by setting as our community quota the purchase of one $100 War Bond in honor of each name on our Community Honor Roll.

Died-Estella M. Opp, died at the home of her sister, Mrs. Viola Sprout, Muncy, Sept. 22.

Miss Bertha Anderson and Myron Walton, of Muncy, were married at Harrison, N.J. on Sept. 8.

Mrs. Franklin Hall had a painful accident recently when the head of a match she was lighting flew in her eye causing it to blister.

Fordyce Gorham Hero in Italy-Drives Nazi Snipers from Steeple-Lt. Fordyce Gorham, of Muncy, Pa., led a patrol into the town to oust a German machine gun group from the steeple of a church. His men turned the Germans’ own machine gun non the fleeing Huns”

Announcement has been made of the engagement of Miss Shirley Henrietta McClelland, of Elkins Park, to Chester Paul McConnell. Mr. McConnell is a graduate of Hughesville High School.

A son was born early Saturday morning, Sept. 25,1943, to Mr. and Mrs. Paul Montgomery. The baby has been named Richard Delroy Montgomery.

At the Ritz: “Five Graves to Cairo”

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The Luminary

50 Years Ago

Oct. 3, 1968

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