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PEEKS of PAST Dec. 19, 2018

By Staff | Dec 21, 2018

Looking Backward


The heavy fall of snow on the 4th and 7th and the cold weather that has followed, has afforded excelled sleighing which the people seem to be making good use of as we hear the merry jingle of the sleigh bells constantly.


Death in the community at any time is a sad event but when two persons, old friends, near neighbors, and known to every man, woman and child in the town are called to pass over the dark waters at nearly the same time, as did that of Mr. E.M. Green and MRs. J.B. Noble, it causes an unusual feelings of sadness and a deep gloom prevade.

The Muncy Luminary

100 years ago

Dec. 19, 1918

The Muncy Luminary

Friday, Dec. 17, 1943

75 years ago

Price five cents

When John Bobb entered the Army last Thursday he became the fifth brother serving in Uncle Sam’s armed Forces. As far as we know they are one of the very few “5 brother Groups”, if not the only one on our honor roll. The brothers are Pvt. George Bobb who is overseas somewhere in the Atlantic Pvt. Donald F. Fieste, Camp Bowie, Tex., Pvt, Harold W. Fieste, Fort Warren, Wyo; and Pvt. Jacob Fieste who is stationed overseas somewhere in the Pacific.

Funeral services were held Saturday afternoon for Mrs. Mary M. Michael, 69, who died Dec. 8.

Birth: A daughter who has been named Mary Edith, was born to Mr. and Mrs. George White at the Rothfuss Clinic on Dec. 4th.

Reported Dead-Found Alive in Jap Camp-Frank Rupert States He is “Alright”- Las August it was reported to the Luminary by J.E. Rupert, Muncy, that his son, Frank Rupert had been killed by the Japanese after being captured by them while working on the construction of the Air Base at Guam.

Engagement announced of Ethel M. Prowant of Watsontown to Pvt. Williard Myers, of Muncy.

Rites held for Wallace N. Vroman, who died suddenly Dec. 8.

Miss Katherine Michael weds Cpl. Thomas L. Gordner of Muncy.

At the Ritz: “Claudia”

Ad: Buy a high quality Used Studebaker

The Luminary

50 Years Ago

Dec. 5, 1968

Ten Cents Per Copy

Muncy TV Corporation president Richard K.Bailey has announced that the Muncy firm has extended its holdings a little bit more by acquiring the CATV system of Raymond W. Lowe in the Clarkstown area. Muncy TV now serves Muncy, Hughesville, Picture Rocks and Clarkstown and most of the spacious area in between.

Miss Jean Gardner at home in Muncy -On Leave after 3 Years in London

Miss Janet Marie Linderman, of Jersey Shore, and Stephen Opp, of Muncy, exchanged wedding vows on NOv. 30.

Marriage of Miss Christine Marie Young, of Muncy, and William Paul Bartlow, of Muncy, on Nov. 30.

Miss Madeline Virginia Temple became the bride of Allen Russell Kaufman, of Allenwood.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rine, Muncy Valley, a son, Nov. 25. Mother former Donna Phillips; Mr. and MRs.Edward Burgett, Muncy, daughter, Nov. 28. Mother former Kay Rupert; Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hauck, Allenwood, daughter, Nov. 30. Mother former Marie Budman; Mr. and Mrs. Jack Stigerwalt, Danville, son, Dec. 1. Mother former Linda Umpstead; Mr. and Mrs. William Duchman Jr., Montgomery, daughter, Dec. 2. Mother former Edna Smith; Mt.and Mts. Robert Holtzapple, Muncy, daughter, Nov. 28. Mother fomre rConstance Cummings; Mr. and Mrs. John Turner, Hughesville, daughter, Nov. 27; Mr. and Mrs. William Spencer, Muncy, daughter, Nov. 23. Mother former Amber Albertson.