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PEEKS of PAST Jan. 30, 2019

By Staff | Feb 1, 2019

Looking Backward

The Muncy Luminary


Married on the 20th inst., at Philadelphia by the Rev. Dr. Reed, General William Brindle of Muncy, to Miss Annie E. Ridgway, of N.J.

Married at the M.E. Parsonage on the 21st. inst., Mr. William C. Taylor, of Muncy Creek tsp. and Miss Elmira Murray, of Lew tsp.

Mr. B.S. Merrill, Auctioneer, has taken the store room lately occupied by Messrs., Hall, and Taggart, merchants, and converted it into an Auction room.


A general public meeting has been called to meet in the Masonic Building, Muncy, Feb. 8 for the purpose of organizing to secure road construction on the State Highway from Muncy to Millville.

Mrs. Marian Graham Worthington died at her home on East Penn Street early Tuesday morning after a long illness at the age of 41.

Mrs. Mable A. Rupert died Friday at the Muncy Valley Hospital in her 44th year.

William A. Ritter who has conducted a variety store in the Masonic building for a number of years has sold the business to Ray E. Sprout who took charge this morning.

Frank Miller and Miss Sarah Neights both of Muncy were married at Williamsport Saturday.

The Muncy Luminary

Friday, Jan. 28, 1944

75 years ago

Price five cents

Married of Miss Idelia Mae Frantz, to Corporal Ralph R. Sherman, Benton RD 2, New Year’s Eve.

Captain Stewart Van Dyne, grandson of the late Bridges Painter, former owner of the Luminary, and a nephew of Mrs. Harry Rogers and Miss Margaret Petrikin, reports that he was riding in a jeep somewhere in Italy when he passed another jeep going the the opposite direction. Glancing at the occupant Stewart through, “that looks like Gorham from Muncy,” but he continued on his way.

Funeral serves for Jacob Elmer Shook aged 70, died Thursday at his home on New street.

Isaiah Metzger, 53, Muncy R.D. 2 died Saturday evening.

Myron Lowe, 20, son of MRs. Bernice Lowe, died at the Muncy Valley Hospital Tuesday, January 25.

Mrs. Kate Smith, 88, of Railroad Street, died at the Mary Packer Hospital, Sunbury on January 22.

Engagement announced of Miss Dorothy Corson of Muncy to Norman Heincelman, also of that place.

Engagement announced of Wanda Woodling to Pvt. Howard Baker.

Hilda Phillips, Hughesville, to wed Max Temple of Muncy, R.D. 4.

Word has been received of the marriage of Mrs. Sarah L. Brehaut of Utica, N.Y., a former minister of the Muncy Baptist Church.

Raymond Blaker announces the engagement of his daughter, Catherine Naomi, to Walter Beiber, of Muncy R.D. 3

The Luminary

50 Years Ago

Jan. 15, 1969

Ten Cents Per Copy

Walter F. Smith, of Muncy, has been honored by a Senate Congratulatory Resolution introduced by Sen.Henry G. Hager, Smith being cited for his extensive community involvement.

The beautiful old secretary desk on a farm country Chippendale of Muncy vintage, stood for years in the waiting room of the late Dr. Sara A. Hall. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Bardo presented the antique to the library in memory of Dr. Hall, and it was given at this time so as to be part of the Sesquicentennial.

Muncy’s newest business-Bob’s Super Market-will have its opening on Jan. 21.

Muncy boys finished first and the Muncy girls placed second in the team standings of the month “best five” tournament of the William Area Junior Bowling association.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Richard Felix, of Watsontown, son, Jan. 8. Mother former Natalie Michael.

Died: Boyd Lamonte Montgomery, 57, Hughesville, Jan. 9; Ida Edwards, Muncy, 90, Jan., 14; Alton Sprout, Muncy native, Jan. 10; Nellie Opp, 89, Muncy, Jan. 13; Col. Robert Barnes, 60, Muncy native, Jan. 13.

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