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PEEKS of PAST Mar. 27, 2019

By Staff | Mar 27, 2019

Looking Backward

The Muncy Luminary


Married on Tuesday the 26th inst., b David Lloyd Esq., Mr. John Ralson to Miss Ann H. Hall, both of Muncy township.

Died on the 27th inst., in Muncy township, Mr. Anderson Flatt, a revolutionary pensioner, in the 98th year of his age.

Died in this Borough, yesterday afternoon William F.., son of Mrs. Jacob Pott, aged about 4 years.

The Muncy Luminary


Died in this Borough, on the 21st. inst., Robert Green Lloyd, son of Thomas Lloyd, aged 3 years.

The Misses Hatch, McCreary, and Life will open their Day School at the Muncy Female Seminary, on Monday the 5th of April.

We are again without a suitable Hall, in this Borough, for Concerts, Exhibitions etc., the Messrs. Green, having been obliged to convert Union Hall into a Store room, in connection with heir large and increasing business.


A fatal automobile accident occurred Wednesday afternoon about 4:30 o’clock when Dr. Harold F. Baker, accompanied by Murray Zealor, was coming down mile hill in he former’s Ford coupe, They were going around a curve in the road near the home of Simon Betts, the car skidded and crashed into a telephone pole, The occupants of the car were picked up and taken to the Muncy Valley Hospital, where Mr. Zealor died.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Blatz, who have been making their home at the Community House for the past year have moved to Montgomery.

Clyde Shoemaker, who had the bones in his right foot broken when a heavy cake of ice fell on it about five weeks ago is able to be around again.

The Muncy Luminary

Friday, March 31, 1944

75 years ago

Price five cents

Word was received on March 24 by the family of Second Lieutenant Carl Edwain Brown, 21, son of Mrs. Dorothy Schodt, of his death last Thursday in a plane crash while on a routine flight in North Carolina.

The engagement of Miss Emily Jane Corson of West Penn Street to Ensign James Walter Eck, U,S.N,R. of Montoursville has been announced.

Died-Mrs. Hadessah Gertrude Welsh, of South Main Street, March 27.

Pfc. Lee O. Criswell , son of Mrs. Augustus Rank of Green Street, has been reported missing after a raft on which he was traveling capsized last Thursday on Cumberland River in Tennessee, while on water maneuvers.

The Muncy High School Baseball team has been selected and will start practice soon with players from the 9th to 12th grades.

Sorrow stalked the Houseknecht family on R.D. 3 last week. William M. Houseknecht of the United States Navy lost his wife on Wednesday, March 22,when she died unexpectedly of embolism the day after the birth of a daughter. Last Sunday Charles Ervin Houseknecht, the father, died while talking with his family about an award that had been presented to another son, Burdell, who is overseas.

Marriage announced of Margaret H. McCabe of Carlisle, became the bride of Cpl. Fred Lilley, formerly of Muncy, on Monday evening, March 20.

A carrier pigeon, apparently forced to the ground when attacked by a hawk or other bird of prey, was found by Richard T. Cherry at his Montgomery R.D. home before dawn Tuesday.

Funeral services were held Wednesday afternoon from the Wallis Funeral Home for Charles Ervin Houseknecht, who died suddenly at his home on Muncy,R.D. 4, Sunday morning.

At the Ritz: “Crazy House”

Ad: All Steel Baby Carriages $16.95-Hoover’s, West Third Street

The Luminary

50 Years Ago

March 13, 1969

Ten Cents Per Copy

Montgomery Bank Gets Approval for Branch Unit.

Waltz Resigns MHS Math Post; Crouthamel Resigns as Cage Coach.

Lynn Houseknecht New President of Muncy JC’s

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Carl Miller, Hughesville, daughter, March 6. Mother former Cheryl LeVan; Mr.and Mrs. Clifford Buck, Montgomery, daughter, March 6. Mother former Ethan Fuller; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Swank, Hughesville, daughter, March 8. Mother former Christine Remsynder; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Koch, Sr., Muncy, son, March 9. Mother former Barbara Delsite; Mr. and Mrs. Richard Newton, Montgomery, daughter, March 10. Mother former Beverly Bartlow; Mr. and Mrs. Garreth W. Kirkner, Muncy, a son,March 7. Mother former the former Martha J. Minnich.

Died: John W. Snyder, Sr., 64, Hughesville, March 3; Jaceton E. Figels, 84, Muncy, March 6; Myrtle R. Olesen, Montgomery, March 5; W. Clayton Karschner, Muncy, died March 7; Thelma L. Barto, of Montgomery, March 6.

At the Ritz: “Secret Ceremony”

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